Marcus Bryant, Edge Business Assurance

Marcus is the Director of Consulting at Edge Business Assurance. He has extensive experience as a senior consultant to the telecoms industry and other sectors, advising clients like MTN Group and Eskom about how to implement effective RAFM strategies.

At RAG London 2018 Marcus will lead a deep dive session. This will be a round table discussion on how utilities could emulate telcos by developing a standard framework for assurance.

Marcus is a well-liked and regular contributor to RAG events. He gave a presentation about RAFM training at RAG London 2016, and participated in panel discussions at RAG London 2017 and RAG Johannesburg 2017.

Marcus has good international experience of telcos and RAFM suppliers, having also worked with Ericsson, T-Mobile, Vivatel, cVidya and Vodafone. He has accumulated significant experience in performing financial risk assessments, improving processes, and policy development. He also has extensive experience of leading teams, conducting performance and development assessments, in addition to providing training both internally and to clients.

However, Marcus’ CV does not do full justice to his talents, and those who know him say he is “exceptionally bright”, “a very logical thinker” and a “passionate, articulate and intelligent subject matter expert”. His thoughtful insights are guaranteed to give the audience a fresh perspective on how to tackle the challenges they face.