Mark Yelland, Author of Revenue Assurance for Service Providers

Mark is a highly experienced consultant who led RA teams at Thus and Cable & Wireless. This March the closing panel at RAG London will see the ‘wise heads’ of our industry deliberating on the topics discussed during the two-day conference and on the state of risk and assurance in general. Mark has kindly agreed to join the Wise Heads Panel for the second year in a row.

In collaboration with David Sherick, Mark wrote Revenue Assurance for Service Providers, a popular guide that defines a strategic growth path for RA within telcos. Mark now also shares his consulting expertise with clients in the utilities sector who would like to improve their assurance capabilities.

Mark’s business, RAAIIM, is a consultancy that specialises in RA, fraud management and billing accuracy. Mark works with telcos, utilities and their suppliers to develop innovative solutions to stubborn challenges like subscription fraud, suspense management, billing errors and security weaknesses. His particular strength lies in designing and implementing simple and cost effective tools that quickly pay for themselves by identifying and addressing previously unchecked frauds and leakages.

Mark can genuinely claim to be a pioneer in the field of revenue assurance. He joined Cable & Wireless UK in 1995, being appointed to a position where he developed their measurement of bill accuracy. In 1998 he was promoted to be the first RA Director for C&W Group, a role which required him to travel around the group’s opcos in order to assess and improve their assurance capabilities. In 2004 he moved on to Thus, where he was responsible for the strategic development of the business’ RA and Fraud teams. Mark was creating and developing assurance teams and techniques during the critical early phase of the discipline, establishing a path that other telcos and vendors would later follow. His leadership was confirmed by the publication of his book in 2009, which explains how telcos can treat assurance as a stepwise development from basic initial controls to the fully-realised maximisation of profits.