Merve Şahin, Security Researcher

Merve is a PhD student in the software and system security group at EURECOM, in France. Previously, she obtained her MSc degree from Sabanci University, Turkey in 2013. Her current research focuses on identification and detection of fraud and abuse in telephone networks. She is also interested in the implications of telephony vulnerabilities on online security, and vice versa.

Merve has presented her work at both academic (ACM CCS, IEEE EuroS&P) and industry-recognized (M3AAWG Voice and Telephony Abuse Special Interest Group, Troopers Telco Security Day) security conferences.

At RAG Bonn, Merve joined the panel discussion on how to counter OTT bypass. Merve is the author of an academic paper that surveyed the impact of OTT bypass on a small European operator.