Michael Lazarou, MTN Cyprus

Michael is responsible for revenue assurance and fraud management at MTN Cyprus. He is also an active supporter of the Risk & Assurance Group and a regular contributor to Commsrisk, where he shares his reviews of online education courses.

As a keen advocate for online learning, Michael has attained a personal following on the web, where he routinely shares advice about various e-learning courses he has taken for data science, analytics and programming. Michael uses his experience by acting as a special advisor to RAG, guiding us through the development of our own web-based education program.

Michael will fly in to participate as a speaker at RAG London, where he will give an update on the development of the RAG online training program.

Prior to joining MTN Cyprus in 2011, Michael worked as a skilled programmer for ByteCrafts, Inteliscape and Nielsen. He has an MBA from the Cyprus International Institute of Management and was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to attend Ohio Wesleyan University, where he received a double major in Computer Science and Economics.