Mike Waldron, Worldpay

Mike Waldron works for payment processing company Worldpay as their Revenue Assurance Manager. He joined Worldpay in 2017, overseeing the growth of its Revenue Assurance function from three people at inception to a 24-strong team by the start of 2020.

Through two multi-billion dollar buy outs and mergers, Mike has led the way with his Revenue Assurance team, protecting, optimizing and assuring Worldpay’s global net revenue by proactively preventing leakage and eradicating imprecision across all products, services and regions.

Prior to joining Worldpay, Mike assured the revenues of energy providers, first for British Gas and then for First Utility.

Mike is an evangelist for the adoption of revenue assurance in businesses outside of the telecommunications sector, leading him to write articles on the subject for Commsrisk. His work ethic and enthusiasm have helped him become recognised as an advocate for the wider use of revenue assurance techniques.