Mohammad Sha’ad Hossenbaccus, Millicom Group

Sha’ad is the Global RA Manager at Millicom, the multi-national telco group. Based in their Luxembourg office, his duties see him guiding RA teams in opcos in both Africa and Latam. This RA work covers a wide range of revenue streams, such as mobile telephony, mobile data, home, fixed B2B and mobile financial service business lines.

Before he joined Millicom, Sha’ad was the Head of Revenue Assurance at Emtel, in his home country of Mauritius. He has an MBA and a BSc in Information Technology.

Sha’ad will join us at RAG London in April 2018. The experience he has gained whilst working in Mauritius and for Millicom Group means he is an ideal panellist for our very special discussion about the RAFM challenges faced by smaller telcos.