Neural Technologies

Neural Technologies has a global presence with customers in 45 countries worldwide. Founded in 1990, the company has built an international reputation for providing quality solutions to increase the bottom-line for its customers around the globe.


Neural Technologies brings accord and insight to an open digital world. Optimus, from Neural Technologies, can assist the enterprise in successfully digitizing its various business processes in the areas of revenue management, digital integration, advanced automation and analytics. Neural Technologies ultimately assists enterprises in successfully completing their digital transformation journey, thereby propelling us all towards an open digital world. Neural Technologies has a global presence with customers in 45 countries worldwide. Founded in 1990, the company has built an international reputation for providing quality solutions to increase the bottom line for its customers around the globe.

The Optimus Ecosystem

The Optimus Ecosystem is an integrated portfolio of solutions spread across the areas of Revenue Management, Digital Integration and Advanced Automation & Analytics. Optimus addresses all of the challenges associated with digitising business processes across the enterprise. The Optimus Ecosystem is set to be the answer to a successful digital transformation journey.

The Optimus Ecosystem is powered by Optimus which is an all-in-one highly configurable Event Data Lake Platform. It has a built-in dynamic orchestration which works end-to-end. Optimus caters to the enterprise’s digital transformation strategic goals by eliminating the risks of digitizing end-to-end business processes combined with an overall lower investment. Enterprises can effectively replace numerous separate product investments with one single investment. Optimus removes some of the biggest challenges that contribute to digital transformation failures by reducing risk and time-to-market with a lower overall investment.

Combining the complex aspects of Revenue Management, Digital Integration and Advanced Automation & Analytics is a challenge for an enterprise. Effectively tracking these three aspects is difficult. Optimus answers this challenge by combining these diverse areas and allows our customers to save time and money.

Under one investment, Optimus combines myriad elements of business and makes sure they work together: in the Optimus Ecosystem, Digital Integration, Revenue Management and Advanced Analytics & Automation work together in sync to help bring accord and insight to your business processes.

Digital Integration

Minimising the gap between IT and BI

Our Digital Integration solution provides data consolidation, optimisation and orchestration. It does so by collecting and preparing relevant Event Data across multiple sources in various formats from both internal and external systems. This minimises bad Event Data Records. Additionally, we also organise and structure your Event Data to ensure faster consumption by relevant downstream business support systems.

Our solutions are listed herewith:

Optimus Data Collection & Distribution

Invest in a Data Collection product that automates the pre-qualification and pre-processing of Event Data from across the entire enterprise

Optimus Data Management

Invest in a Data Management product that enables the structural storage of all pre-processed Event Data in a data lake. A centralised repository with a pre-defined data structure

Revenue Management

Superior Revenue Intelligence

The Optimus Ecosystem’s Revenue Management solutions allow your enterprise to eliminate risks with near real-time fraud detection and prevention, ensure profitability with holistic Revenue Management, and deliver superior customer satisfaction by making sure that customers are always charged accurately and on time.

Our solutions are listed herewith:

Optimus Fraud Management

Provides comprehensive protection against a myriad of telecommunication fraud types. Utilising a variety of methods including sophisticated neural network technology, to ensure enterprises protect their bottom line against the ever-present fraud threat.

Optimus Revenue Assurance

Supports RA departments in their remit to ensure that all revenue generated by customers and partner Enterprises is correctly billed or accounted for and that the processes designed to support revenue assurance functions are working as efficiently as possible.

Optimus Dunning

Represents proactive Revenue Management. An automated dunning process ensures:

  • improvement in debt collections process and success rate
  • capability for treating different customer groups appropriately
  • collection agents can focus on the most special cases while the rest runs automatically
Optimus Credit Risk Management

Assists enterprises to assess prospective customers for credit risk at application stage, providing valuable support to existing in-house screening policies and credit agency checks while managing payment risk throughout the customer lifecycle.

Optimus Rating

Enables enterprises to deploy various rating and charging systems mechanisms across voice, data and multimedia services therefore ensuring: content, value, time, volume and quality  services across the enterprise.

Advanced Automation & Analytics

Capitalise on your Event Data to deliver superior customer experiences

The Optimus Ecosystem’s Advanced Automation & Analytics solutions allow your enterprise to optimise and digitise your business processes by learning from the Event Data and automate wherever possible to accelerate your digital transformation. Our solutions also enable you to know your customers better through customer behaviour analysis while you discover new patterns and relationships through visual analytics. Now you are able to act positively on your bottom line through automated orchestration of the information to the right system.

Our solutions are listed herewith:

Optimus Analytical Data Model

Our Analytical Data Model is a combination of Data Collection and Distribution tools. It is an Event Data Lake Platform and an enterprise data warehouse all-in-one. Our ADM is an accelerator for Business Intelligence/DWH. It leverages big data technology where required. It is the perfect solution for those enterprises which are fed up with false promises of vendors, high investment, long timelines, costly effort, and inadequate results.

Optimus Business Logic Controller

Will let any enterprise digitise their Self-Help portal end-to-end. Transform your business from manual processes, to digital processes, with Optimus.

Optimus Product

Event Data is at the heart of any enterprise and it is always the result of a business process. TM Forum’s Business Process Framework (eTOM), which is an integral part of the TM Forum’s Frameworx, is an illustration of such an association.

In the digital enterprise world, the Event Data records associated with each of these business processes are equal to financial assets. The decision about which Event Data (and its required formats, volumes etc.) needs to be consumed depends on the business process.

However, when consuming Event Data, the enterprise will meet a variety of challenges as can be seen below:

  • Event Data volumes: Takes up to 80% of total enterprise data volume
  • Abundance of siloed and redundant data stores/lakes
  • Event Data stripped of valuable information
  • Expensive, insufficient and capacity challenges
  • Non-existing or limited event-based Business Intelligence
  • Regulatory challenges (Security / Privacy)

So how do you successfully digitise your business processes as part of your digital transformation journey?

Introducing OPTIMUS; an all-in-one highly configurable Event Data Lake Platform that provides Event Data Collection, Event Data Management, Revenue Management, Advanced Automation & Analytics. Optimus comes with built-in end-to-end dynamic orchestration provided across various pre-build business process solutions.

By using Optimus, enterprises can easily and successfully implement end-to-end digitisation of all their business processes as part of their Digital Transformation journey.

Optimus ultimately delivers on the promise of the enterprise’s digital transformation strategic goals by eliminating the risks of digitising end-to-end business processes combined with an overall lower investment.

By using Optimus, enterprises can implement end-to-end digitisation of all their business processes as part of their Digital Transformation journey.


Optimus is the perfect Event Data Lake Platform, delivering on the promise of an open digital world:

  • End-to-end digitisation of business processes and the associated Event Data
  • Maximum flexibility achieved through complete configurability
  • Ingests any Event Data from Big Data stores, IoT devices, APIs and other types of Event Data
  • Pre-process Event Data as required for downstream consumption
  • Scalability to handle even the most challenging Event Data volumes
  • Integrated Event Data Lake storage; with governance for structured, semi-structured and even un-structured Event Data
    • Using leading Big Data storage technologies such as Kudu and Aerospike
    • Freely configurable Event Data Lake output formats; write to any external system in any format you require
    • Custom design and definition of the Event Data Lake Big Data model if our default model is not fulfilling your requirements
  • Set of pre-build business process solutions that can be customised (commercial open source) to address your business needs
  • Microservice Architecture; run any business process solutions as microservices


Optimus possesses a robust and scalable Event Data Lake Platform that enables enterpises digitize all of their business processes, providing:

  • Unlimited Data Collection and Event Data Lake storage options
  • Unlimited Business Logic Dynamic Workflow Orchestration leveraging a fully configurable Microservice Architecture
  • A library of configurable business process solutions available and ready to assist you in your development of digitization business processes
  • A pre-defined data governance framework to apply your Security & Privacy rules
  • A significant reduction in implementation, operation, maintenance, and other costs
  • All tools for configuration, testing and operation
  • All-in-one platform for digitizing all business processes of an enterprise

Reasons why Optimus is the solution of choice

Mediation / Data Collection, Structuring and Distribution

  • Mediation converts Event Data to pre-defined formats, to be used by any downstream application/system, for example billing systems, or any other B/OSS applications.
  • Optimus
    • has a highly configurable open grammar interface which enables data collection from the sources directly
    • can create multiple EDR types from the raw Event Data collected at the sources, and maps it to the relevant EDR type directly
    • is not dependent on hard coded adapters to read source data
    • has its own Mediation capability (freely configurable formats), therefore it is not dependent on third party mediation applications
    • is generic as well as database agnostic and can integrate with Oracle, Kudu, HBase, Aerospike and many more
    • provides options for the enterprises or businesses to replace their existing mediation system with a single end-to-end solution

Event Data Lake (EDL)

  • An Event Data Lake (EDL) is a repository of event / transaction data stored in its original format, which are used for tasks such as reporting, visualization, analytics and machine learning.
  • Optimus
    • provides the best of breed platform technology, business solution and resources to support the digital transformation journey of enterprises
    • builds enterprise data ecosystem
      • builds central data collection hub, called the Event Data Lake (EDL)
      • distributes event data from EDL to down-stream applications
    • sources its input from the raw data, as against the competing digital integration vendors who source their input from the mediated EDR’s processed by the mediation vendor
    • stops any data from being lost, in contrast to the competitors
    • has a higher success percentage of digital integration compared to its competition, due to non-dependency on mediation vendors
    • offers not only ingestion, but also extraction (meaning any input and output to/from the EDL)

At Neural Technologies we have taken a holistic approach when it comes to managing all aspects of the enterprise’s need to digitise the various end-to-end business processes, including the Event Data that is associated with such business processes. The below figure illustrates this approach which we have identified as the Ideal Event Data Lake Platform for implementing digitised business processes as well as managing Event Data:

Event Data Orchestration

  • Orchestration refers to software platforms / services which automate / orchestrate event data related to the digitized business processes. This helps in streamlining and simplifying operations management for IT personnel.
  • Optimus
    • possesses both an Event Data Lake as well as a mediation layer
    • converts complex switch data into the required EDR, with Optimus Interactive, a built-in orchestration logic
    • is highly flexible, because it can manage any new orchestration of event data very quickly
    • offers a framework for any kind of business-logic-control (BLC) of your event data to achieve the digital transformation milestone

Event Data is generated by logging uses, events, or transactions which have been generated/triggered by people, machines and services. Event Data is always associated with a corresponding business process, as shown in the figure below.

  • ADM organizes elements of event / transaction data and standardizes how they relate to one another and to properties of the real-world entities.
  • Optimus
    • has an ADM solution which provides 800+ out-of-the-box KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and over 60 analytical use cases, which help clients create reports on demand across a variety of industries and business verticals
    • integrates vast OSS (operational support system) / BSS (business support system) data into a business intelligent architecture which imparts data-driven-decision-making ability to business personnel
    • handles the end-to-end data life cycle, thus building ageing-based data retention policies which use tiered storage architecture (Hot->Warm->Cold->Frozen->Archive)