Neural Technologies Extends Global Sponsorship of RAG for Third Year

28 May 2019 Neural Technologies, suppliers of an integrated portfolio of revenue management, digital integration, automation and analytics solutions to customers in 45 countries, has renewed their sponsorship of the Risk & Assurance Group (RAG) for the third year in a row. They will be one of the 13 global firms supporting RAG’s online services and participating in a cycle of conferences that will visit Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.

The comprehensive suite of offerings from Neural Technologies is underpinned by Optimus, a complete and highly configurable platform that manages lakes of event data. Optimus supports the strategic goals of their customers by systematically reducing their costs and eliminating risk. The platform does this by allowing numerous separate systems to be replaced by Neural Technology’s all-in-one capability.

RAG Chief Executive Eric Priezkalns welcomed the sponsorship deal with Neural Technologies.

Though they were established over a quarter of a century ago, the great strength of Neural Technologies continues to be evident in their choice of name. They think ahead. Their business intends to remain at the forefront of technology, and their current portfolio demonstrates how innovation can be used to address the practical challenges faced by telcos.

The Neural team shares our belief that the best approach to business is to listen to telco requirements and so construct solutions that genuinely address their needs, whilst having the flexibility to cope with changing priorities.

Neural Technologies has a special status amongst RAG’s sponsors because they were the first business to commit to being a global annual sponsor. By becoming the first ‘Foundation’ sponsor of RAG they set a precedent that other major international vendors have followed. Neural Technologies had faith that RAG would grow by engaging with risk and assurance professionals across the planet. We like to believe the growth of RAG over the last few years has demonstrated Neural Technology’s faith was not misplaced. The RAG team now looks forward to solving more telco problems in collaboration with Neural Technologies.

Martin Laesch, CTO of Neural Technologies, commented:

Neural Technologies has always prided itself in being a company that contributes to and collaborates with the industry. We were the very first Foundation sponsor of RAG and are excited to continue to support their efforts to improve the practices of risk, assurance and fraud management. It is essential for us to be an active member of RAG’s interactive and supportive community so that we can contribute our ideas at events and engage with professionals to better educate and support CSPs. We have nearly 30 years’ experience in Revenue Management but RAG and their events assist us in absorbing the insight and knowledge that enable us to continue as a leader in this space.

Claus Nielsen, Neural Technology’s Vice President of Marketing, added:

RAG’s not for profit approach, being run by the industry, for the industry, makes them stand apart as a forum that is genuinely geared towards helping alleviate revenue management issues. This is invaluable for vendors like us, as being able to attend and present in a safe environment where traditional ‘selling’ is not permitted allows for honest, collaborative engagement that is only helpful to the improvement of solutions for CSPs.

About Neural Technologies

Neural Technologies brings accord and insight to an open digital world. It is the mission of Neural Technologies to provide the best of breed platform technology, business process solutions and people to support enterprises’ adoption of an open digital world. This is achieved using the Optimus platform,an all-in-one highly configurable Event Data Lake Platform with built-in dynamic orchestration which works end-to-end.

Combining the complex aspects of Revenue Management, Digital Integration and Advanced Automation & Analytics is a challenge for any enterprise. Effectively tracking these three aspects is difficult. Optimus answers this challenge by combining these diverse areas and allows our customers to save time and money.

Under one investment, Optimus combines myriad elements of business and makes sure they work together: in the Optimus Ecosystem, Digital Integration, Revenue Management and Advanced Analytics & Automation work together in sync to help bring accord and insight to your business processes.

You can learn more about Neural Technologies and the Optimus ecosystem from our website,

About the Risk & Assurance Group

The Risk & Assurance Group (RAG) is dedicated to improving the practice of risk management, business assurance, fraud management and security within the providers of electronic communications services. RAG is a not-for-profit corporation run by experts in the field of risk and assurance within telcos. We seek to facilitate the education and networking of professionals in order to improve standards of performance, reduce waste, and better serve customers. Practitioners may attend our events and access our online services free of charge; financial support is provided by specialist vendors with an interest in highlighting the importance of the work done in this field, and in expanding its remit.

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