Nixon Wampamba, Well-Travelled RAFM Manager

Until recently Nixon held the position of General Manager responsible for technical design and audit at the RAFM Centre of Excellence in MTN Group, and his career has seen him work in a series of management and consulting roles for telcos around the world. He has over 20 years of experience in revenue assurance, fraud management, systems architecture, engineering, process improvement, and the implementation of automation.

Nixon links his expertise in testing and evaluating business and IT processes and infrastructure to a solid track record for network problem diagnosis and resolution. He has strong communication skills, allowing him to develop good relationships across the business and enabling him to communicate complex IT issues to every level of management.

Prior to joining MTN Group’s head office in South Africa, Nixon worked for Cellnet, Telefónica Venezuela, T-Mobile UK, Thus, Cable & Wireless UK, Cape, Bharti Airtel Tanzania, Ericsson and MTN Ghana. Nixon is a reliable contributor to RAG activities, and his experience of working with telcos on every continent leads us to affectionately refer to him as the most travelled man in RAFM!