Free Open Source RA Risk Coverage Software

Kostadin Taneski and A1 Telekom Austria have instigated a project to develop free open source software that allows revenue assurance teams to calculate the extent to which they have covered the risks that their telcos faces.

The first version of this software can be run on Windows and Linux and is available for download from GitHub.

The GitHub code respository is located at

About the Software

This project is a fork of the Dataflow and RA Risk Coverage modeling tools which are part of the Revenue Assurance toolset used in A1 Telekom Austria Group.

It is an attempt to build a community around the idea of designing a standard and open tool that supports risk based approach of doing cost and revenue assurance in telecom industry. The main purpose is to provide a framework for modelling the risks associated with individual business processes and product segments. This is achieved by structuring the risk assessment, helping the understanding of risks and decisions about how to respond to them. It also implements a methodology for quantifying revenue assurance risk coverage and residual risk aggregated on various levels.

The main features include:

  • Data-flow modeller: provides repository of systems, interfaces, datasources, procedures and controls
  • Risk catalogue: provides repository of risks, root causes and generic revenue assurance controls
  • Risk node modeller: enables risk assessment of defined product segments in context of the process and core system
  • Risk coverage visualisation and analysis: provides means to set priorities and plan risk mitigation strategies

The risk modeling tool comes out of the box with two (mutually exclusive) data models based on different risk catalogues, which are de facto risk management standards in the telecoms industry:

  • The RAG RA Risk Catalogue
  • The TM Forum RA Risk Inventory

Intellectual Property Rights

This software is supplied subject to the MIT license as reiterated at:

Note: The embedded risk models of RAG and the TM Forum are subject to different licenses to the software.

RAG’s RA Risk Catalogue is provided subject to the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives International 4.0 Licence.

Using Creative Commons licences helps RAG to encourage open collaboration between professionals whilst discouraging the abuse of intellectual property. These widely-adopted licences provide a transparent explanation of how the community may use and share collective work whilst prohibiting unwanted behaviour such as the reselling of property for profit. RAG will enforce the terms of intellectual property licences without exception, and will publicly name and shame any abusers it identifies.

The TM Forum’s inventory is supplied subject to specific conditions that may constitute a licence; please refer to the TM Forum for further advice.