Rachel Goodin, Ocado

Rachel Goodin is the Head of Technology Audit at online retailer Ocado Technology. Her role covers the execution of controls across Ocado’s business.

Ocado seeks to provide consumers with a friendly and efficient online grocery retail service, starting with taking their orders using the web, packing the goods for delivery in the warehouse, then executing an optimal van delivery route to ensure the customer’s purchases arrive at their home at the expected time. Their business has rapidly expanded worldwide as it creates the robotic warehouses and infrastructure that will power major national retail chains in France, Sweden and the USA.

Before she joined Ocado, Rachel forged a career as an expert in assurance, audit, telecoms and data. She was a senior manager at both KPMG and Deloitte, mostly focused on the telecoms sector. Rachel started her career at UK mobile operator Cellnet, where she was the Head of Metering and Billing.

Rachel has a Masters degree from the University of London in Internal Audit, and a Bachelors degree from the University of Hertfordshire in Accounting and Management Information Systems.

Rachel is a member of RAG’s steering committee. She provides RAG with expert insights into data protection compliance whilst keeping RAG appraised of developments in the retail sector.