RAG Bonn Sponsors

RAG Bonn 2017 Sponsors

RAG is a not-for-profit enterprise, and we charge nothing for being a member or attending our events. That means we rely on the generosity of the business that host our meetings and pay for everything from our web server to the sandwiches we serve our guests. We would like to thank the following businesses for providing the resources to run RAG Bonn 2017.

The Hosts of RAG Bonn 2017

Deutsche Telekom

The RAG Foundation Sponsors for 2017

Cartesian, Neural Technologies, SIGOS, Subex, WeDo Technologies

RAG Bonn 2017 Platinum Sponsor


RAG Bonn 2017 Gold Sponsor


RAG Bonn 2017 Bronze Sponsors

Araxxe, FICO, Oculeus, Roscom, Tata Consultancy Services