RAG Fraud Catalogue


A Fraud Catalogue for the Telecoms Industry

The RAG Fraud Catalogue has been created for communications providers who want to follow a systematic approach to addressing all the kinds of frauds documented by telcos based on their practical experience. By working together, we can more easily identify potential fraud risks to our businesses and thus reduce vulnerabilities before criminals can exploit them. The RAG Fraud Catalogue repeats the success of the RAG Leakage Catalogue by providing a crowdsourced compendium of risks that is made available free of charge to the entire industry.

The curator of the RAG Fraud Catalogue is Geoff Ibbett. Anyone wishing to volunteer to contribute to the catalogue, or provide feedback about its contents, is encouraged to engage with Geoff directly. Geoff can be contacted by clicking on his name in the document below, or via the sponsors of the catalogue, Symmetry Solutions.

The catalogue may be shared with others, but not modified, nor exploited for commercial gain, per the terms of its Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


Current Version of the Catalogue

The most recent version of the fraud catalogue is version 0.1, made available for the initial review by fraud management professionals and published on 12th October, 2022. Click on this link or on the image below to view or download the document from a new window.


Contribute Your Insights to the Catalogue

You can give your feedback to Geoff and the RAG team, including suggestions for new frauds to be added to the catalogue, using the contact form below.

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