RAG Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame, selected by the RAG Committee, is our way of recognising the hard work and generosity of those professionals who have made an outstanding contribution to our community over the course of their career.


Luis Cardoso

During almost 10 years at Portugal Telecom, and through his consulting work afterwards, Luis was a leader of the telecoms industry’s efforts to reduce and prevent fraud.

Luis was a founder and long-serving President of the Forum for Irregular International Network Access (FIINA). He also served for nine years as the Chairman of the Fraud Control, Cybercrime and Network Security working group of the European Telecommunication Network Operators association (ETNO).

Luis’ dedication to sharing information and educating others was an example to all.

Luis sadly passed away in 2018. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame posthumously.

Luis Cardoso


Peter Coulter

Peter ranks amongst the best-known and most highly regarded telecoms security and fraud professionals in the world due to the unrelenting energy and tremendous time he puts into assisting colleagues in other telcos. He has one of the most recognisable faces and voices in telecoms fraud prevention as a consequence of the many hours he has spent travelling and talking with peers in a bid to share information, provide guidance and collaborate in anti-fraud initiatives.

Alongside his responsibilities as a senior manager at US network AT&T, Peter also served many years as a member of the Executive Committee of the Forum for the International Irregular Network Access (FIINA). He continues to be a leading contributor to cooperative anti-fraud programs such as the i3forum Fight Against Fraud working group.

Peter was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2020.

Peter Coulter


Hayley Daniels

Hayley is the rare sort of professional who has genuinely worked with any association that wants to reduce telecoms fraud.

Hayley played a vital role in the resurgence of the Risk & Assurance Group whilst serving on RAG’s Steering Committee. She also made extensive contributions to the industry through the Asia-Pacific team in the GSMA Fraud Forum, and was responsible for writing the fraud training course provided by the Telecommunications UK Fraud Forum (TUFF).

Hayley has now retired, but retains a keen interest in the industry. She was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2020.

Hayley Daniels


Katia Gonzalez Gutierrez

Katia has led the i3forum anti-fraud working group from September 2011 to date, a remarkable contribution to the wholesale carrier community and to the telecommunications sector more generally.

Katia’s role in BICS and the i3forum has seen her consistently remain at the forefront of handling all the major issues in international telecoms fraud. Throughout her career Katia has actively helped other carriers by sharing vital intelligence with them.

In all matters Katia is an exemplar for how to lead effective collaboration that focuses on results and the best outcome for the whole industry.

Katia was inducted into the RAG Hall of Fame in 2020.


Santhosh Gopalan

Santhosh’s career saw him serve in various leadership roles across telco operations, consulting/advisory and business development in the space of fraud, revenue assurance and risk, and at different stages he worked for some of the leading firms in the field, including Mobileum, AssuringBusiness, Du, STC, Econet Wireless, Accenture, Ooredoo Kuwait and Subex. Having cut his teeth during the first wave of telecom operators in India in the late 90s, he headed abroad to serve with a series of telecom startups across Asia, Middle East and Africa, before moving into the fraud and revenue assurance space at the turn of the century. Santhosh was deeply involved in the erstwhile GSMA Fraud Forum (now FASG) where he was part of the management team until he left the telecom operator space in 2012. He also served as an Operator Sponsor for the TM Forum’s Fraud Management stream under the Revenue Management catalyst.

Santhosh was inducated posthumously into the RAG Hall of Fame. His wife Rashmi and son Varun, and work colleague Ashwin Menon reflected upon Santhosh’s life whilst accepting his award.


Ambrose Nwadike

Ambrose was a true gentleman who was admired and liked by many working in telecoms RAFM. He served as a consultant at PwC, a supplier to telcos through Nortel Networks and Cerebrus Solutions, and a telco manager at KPN Mobile and Celtel International. As a freelance consultant he worked with Vodafone, Brasil Telecom, Swisscom, Méditel, KPN and others. He was known for his leadership and kindness whilst always willing to help others by engaging in detailed interactions about issues in RAFM.

As a black professional who travelled widely, Ambrose also championed diversity and encouraged a better understanding between people with different nationalities. One of his initiatives outside of telecoms was the publication of a magazine entitled Coloured Pictures, which educated European readers about African cultures and traditions.

Ambrose sadly passed away in 2020.

Ambrose Nwadike


Kathy Romano

Kathy’s 31 years at Verizon saw her lead the adoption of revenue assurance in the USA, building a team whose objectives and methods changed the attitudes of other US telcos towards identifying and preventing leakage.

Acting without the benefit of formal associations to support her, Kathy evangelized the practice of revenue assurance and was widely recognized as its best-known and most senior proponent in the USA.

RAG is grateful to Kathy for her enthusiastic contribution to its conferences and other activities. Kathy never fails to enlighten and entertain fellow professionals with her insights and anecdotes.


David Smith

David’s work on the audit of billing accuracy established many of the main themes we find in revenue assurance. The knowledge he acquired whilst monitoring billing processes for UK telcos during the 1990’s became an important first source of empirical data about the extent of revenue leakage.

During his time as a Director of the Global Billing Association, David took the lead in promoting and developing the nascent discipline of revenue assurance and was responsible for delivering the first benchmarks of revenue assurance KPIs.

David is one of the authors of the important 2001 publication Managing Successful Revenue Assurance which first stated the principles of revenue assurance. David’s rounded perspective embraces the process, quality and human aspects of performance alongside a deep understanding of technology.


Glen Winn

Glen is a rounded professional who has made notable contributions to anti-piracy, revenue assurance and fraud management. He adapted the RAG Leakage Catalogue for use by digital TV providers and he pioneered the use of software tools to deliver innovative proactive solutions using ACL and Qlikview software.

Glen has also led a number of high profile fraud investigations. He is a regular and well-liked contributor to a wide range of industry associations and meetings and known to be generous in sharing his knowledge.

Glen recorded a short acceptance speech which was first broadcast during RAG Americas Online 2020


Colin Yates

Colin’s distinguished career in law enforcement and telecoms fraud prevention and detection hardly needs to be recounted because he is so well-known amongst the telecoms fraud community. He voluntarily acts as an adviser to various law enforcement agencies, including EUROPOL, and provides them with vital data free of charge. He actively assists and protects the interests of many telcos in the Pacific region as an adviser to the Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association (PITA).

For RAG, Colin provides independent analysis and advice that guarantees the quality of the RAG Wangiri Blockchain. He was formerly Chair of the GSMA Fraud Forum, Chairman and Director of FIINA, and Secretary/Director of the CFCA.

Colin recorded a short acceptance speech which was first broadcast during RAG Americas Online 2020