RAG Revenue and Cost Risk Catalogue

A Proposal for a Telecoms Industry Revenue and Cost Risk Catalogue

The following discussion paper proposes the collaboration of telecoms industry professionals to develop a common risk map for revenues and costs, which will then be augmented by a catalogue that will capture techniques used to mitigate risks in practice. Designs for the catalogue are outlined in the discussion paper, which can be downloaded or read below. A draft version of the catalogue is then presented further below.

Both documents were authored by Geoff Ibbett. The versions presented here were approved by RAG on 22nd April 2018. Previous versions of the discussion paper were approved and published on 20th April, 9th April and 8th March 2018.

Anyone wishing to provide feedback is encouraged to contact Geoff directly, at the address given in the proposal document.

These documents may be shared with others, but not modified, nor exploited for commercial gain, per the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License which has been applied to both.

Discussion Paper

This document explains Geoff’s proposal.


Risk Catalogue

You can view the draft risk catalogue below.