RAG Revenue and Cost Risk Catalogue

A Revenue and Cost Risk Catalogue for the Telecoms Industry

The RAG Revenue and Cost Risk Catalogue is used by telcos who want to benefit from the collective experience of telecoms assurance professionals who have documented all the types of revenue and cost leakage they have encountered in practice.

The principal author of the catalogue is Geoff Ibbett.

Anyone wishing to volunteer to contribute to the catalogue, or provide feedback about its contents, is encouraged to contact Geoff directly, at the address given in the proposal document below.

These documents may be shared with others, but not modified, nor exploited for commercial gain, per the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License which has been applied to both.

Risk Catalogue

You can view the most recent version of the risk catalogue below. Follow this link if you want to read the document in a new window, to leave comments on specific parts of the document, or to use the menu options to download it as a file type of your choosing.


Discussion Paper

The following white paper captures Geoff’s original proposal and explains why we need an industry catalogue.