RAG Leakage Catalogue and Coverage Survey



A Revenue and Cost Leakage Catalogue for the Telecoms Industry

The RAG Business Assurance Leakage Catalogue is used by telcos who want to benefit from the collective experience of telecoms assurance professionals who have documented all the types of revenue and cost leakage they have encountered in practice.

The principal author of the catalogue is Geoff Ibbett.

Anyone wishing to volunteer to contribute to the catalogue, or provide feedback about its contents, is encouraged to contact Geoff directly, at the address given in the proposal document below.

The catalogue may be shared with others, but not modified, nor exploited for commercial gain, per the terms of its Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


Current Version of the Catalogue

You can view the most recent version of the leakage catalogue below. Click this link if you want to download the document in .xlsx format.


2021 Leakage Coverage Questionnaire


Following on from the success of the 2019 leakage survey, we are running it again to further our understanding of how well revenue and cost leakages are monitored and controlled.


The purpose is to better understand the scope and completeness of business assurance operations within the global communications industry. In particular, to identify: the most common areas covered by our business assurance controls; areas of risk that are not covered at all or not covered adequately; and emerging risks that should be recognised within the scope of business assurance.

Timing and Personalised Reports

Submissions will remain open until 30th March 2021. Participants will receive their personalised reports in April by email. Each report will show how your business ranks when compared to other comms providers.

Who Should Participate?

The survey is open to anyone working in revenue assurance and business assurance departments within communications providers.


All responses will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

How to Complete the Questionnaire

The questionnaire takes four minutes to complete and can be found below. You will be asked to assess the coverage of the controls deployed within your organisation. Controls are organised by the threats identified in each of the Key Risk Areas of RAG’s Risk Map. Use the following scale to assess controls:

  • NONE – No controls in place
  • VERY POOR – Controls protect up to 20% of revenue/costs
  • POOR – Controls protect up to 40% of revenue/costs
  • FAIR – Controls protect up to 60% of revenue/costs
  • GOOD – Controls protect up to 80% of revenue/costs
  • VERY GOOD – Controls protect up to 100% of of revenue/costs
  • N/A – Not applicable, as it does not apply to your business

When assessing your coverage, please consider the scope of your controls, that they include:

  • all of your lines of business
  • all of your revenue and cost streams within your lines of business
  • all of your products and services services that contribute to those revenue streams


2019 Leakage Coverage Survey Results

Telcos were asked to assess the extent of their monitoring coverage per the categories in the leakage catalogue. Participants in the survey each received a bespoke report that compared their coverage to their peers. A public summary of the results can be seen below or downloaded from here.