RAG RAFMCS Survey 2021

Following the unexpected popularity of the RAG Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management Survey 2020 we will repeat the exercise this year, but with a bigger scope that also covers cyber security, and a new sponsor, Subex. However, we have kept the survey questionnaire short, with just 16 questions that can be answered in less than 7 minutes.


Overview of the RAG Digital Trust Survey for RAFMCS Professionals 2021

If you work for a communications provider in a function that has responsibility for revenue assurance, fraud management or cyber security then RAG wants just 7 minutes of your time to help us compile the largest survey of the risks faced and losses endured by comms providers worldwide. Our survey will remain open for just one month, from September 16 to October 15, after which all the results and raw data will be published.

Unlike other surveys, submissions to the RAG Digital Trust Survey for RAFMCS Professionals are completely anonymous. We do not even collect the IP address of respondents. This means you can confidently submit honest estimates of the cost of crime and leakage, without needing to fear who will receive this information or how it will be used.

RAG’s big online survey also differs by transparently sharing all the answers received, so everyone can use it to perform their own data analysis. A summary report and a complete breakdown of all the raw data will be made available on this webpage in early November.

The survey is made possible by the contribution of the international panel of experts who selected the questions and by Subex, who have sponsored this year’s survey.

The survey questionnaire is immediately below and can be completed online.


Survey Questionnaire

The survey consists of just 16 questions divided into four sections. The first section is general, and should be completed by anyone answering the questionnaire. The remaining sections are specific to revenue assurance, fraud management and cyber security respectively. Please complete the sections where you have relevant expertise; you may skip the sections that fall outside your remit.

You can take part in the survey by clicking this link to open it in a new window or by completing the embedded questionnaire below. Press ‘next’ at the bottom of each page to move on to the next section of the questionnaire.


The Questionnaire Panel

The questions asked by the survey were selected by an international group of experts in cyber security, fraud management and revenue assurance. They are: