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RAG TV brings to your screen the same kind of information, insights and discussions found at RAG conferences. Scroll down for the schedule of future live shows and guests showing broadcast times in various timezones.

You can watch the live stream of new episodes below or at RAG’s Twitch channel. Keep scrolling down if you would like to ask a question or share your thoughts during a live show. The audience for the live stream can engage with the TV guests at any time using the same anonymous real-time question system that makes RAG conferences so interactive.

The live episodes are also recorded and made available to watch on demand.


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Schedule of Episodes

Season 1: 25 March 2020 – 29 April 2020
Episode Guest and Topic Date Time
Seattle New York London Delhi Singapore
0 Eric Priezkalns introduces the new season and talks about the guests lined up Wed Mar 25 7.30am 10.30am 2.30pm 8.00pm 10.30pm
1 Jeffrey Ross, COO of GBSD Technologies, talks about spoofing of CLIs in an international context Wed Apr 1 6.30am 9.30am 2.30pm 7.00pm 9.30pm
2 Gina Pesheva of Deutsche Telekom talks about explaining the transition from revenue assurance to business assurance; Tony Sani will discuss progress made by the international consortium of telcos using blockchain technology to combat wangiri Wed Apr 8 2.30am 5.30am 10.30am 3.00pm 5.30pm
3 Kenyan RAFM consultant Joseph Nderitu will talk about the real-life consequences of corruption in the telecoms sector; Ray Green will discuss data-driven investigations and ways to share information Wed Apr 15 3.30am 6.30am 11.30am 4.00pm 6.30pm
4 Arnd Baranowski, CEO of Oculeus, explains how SIP changes the profile of telecoms risk Wed Apr 22 3.30am 6.30am 11.30am 4.00pm 6.30pm
5 Colin Yates talks about IRSF and working with Europol to catch fraudsters Wed Apr 29 11.30pm (Apr 28) 2.30am 7.30am 12.00pm 2.30pm


Episodes on Demand

S1E1 – 1 April 2020

Special guest Jeffrey Ross, COO of GBSD Technologies, talks about STIR/SHAKEN, the framework for validating the originating number of voice calls, and how it can still be cost-effectively adapted to suit the circumstances of non-IP networks and smaller telcos. Hosts Eric and Lee also discuss the Tanzanian government arresting telecoms executives and the ways spammers are exploiting the coronavirus pandemic.

S1E0 – 25 March 2020

Eric Priezkalns previews the first season of RAG Television, with guests lined up for each Wednesday of April.

Pilot – 16 September 2019

Eric Priezkalns and Lee Scargall discussed topical matters including: national revenue assurance audits and the dispute between GVG and the state of Guinea; mobile ad fraud in the USA; and academic research into turning internet pirates into paying customers. Special guest Geoff Ibbett also joined the show, talking about the responses already received to the RAG Leakage Coverage Survey.