Ravi Rao, Analytics Innovator

Ravi Rao has over 25 years of experience in telecom, software and data analytics. He will join our panel on the priorities facing fraud managers and the tools and techniques which need to be developed to keep pace with emerging threats. Ravi will also share his experience of working with financial service firms by contributing to our panel on what telcos can teach other industries about risk management.

After starting his career in telecom consulting, Ravi led the product development and implementation of flagship products in the quality of service (QoS) and traffic monitoring areas at ECTEL and S3net, which he co-founded, successfully delivering systems to MCI, BT & other Tier 1 Operators.

Ravi then co-founded Agilis International, which provided a complement of data analytics solutions to help operators manage the subscriber from pre-acquisition through the lifecycle of the subscriber while minimizing revenue leakages in the revenue streams and optimizing the costs of providing services. As COO, Ravi managed the rapid growth of Agilis International, delivering value-added analytics solutions to operators globally.

After the acquisition of Agilis by Infogix in 2014, Ravi has been driving the adoption of their analytics solutions across the financial services and insurance verticals, in addition to telecom.