Ray Green, Focus Data

Ray GreenRay Green is a Director of Focus Data Services Ltd. Focus Data Services are a leading provider of systems for law enforcement, helping telcos to manage demands for communications data.

Ray started his career in Customs where he had 14 years experience of investigating gold and drug smuggling and tax frauds.

After joining Control Risk Group he spent five years conducting all sorts of investigations for Fortune 500 and FT 100 companies around the world, often in difficult circumstances. Investigations included product extortion, kidnap, fraud and computer hacking.

In 1990 he started a new role at what was then a very small company called Vodafone, which had only 250,000 customers at the time. Initially Ray was the Investigation Manager but the role expanded to include Fraud Management and Police Disclosures.

In 2004 Ray joined Focus Data Services as the Managing Director. He has responsibility for the strategic development of systems for both telcos and Law Enforcement for the retention, disclosure and analysis of telecoms data for investigation and intelligence purposes.

Ray has chaired the GSMA Fraud Forum’s Training Committee and also the Fraud Risk Management committee. He is a regular participant in RAG meetings; the slides for his November 2017 RAG presentation on crisis management can be found here.

Ray has a post graduate Diploma in Security Management from Loughborough University and is a Certified Fraud Examiner.