Rene Felber, Telia Finland

Rene is the Head of Risks & FRA at Telia Company, Finland. He has kindly agreed to be a speaker at the RAG Bonn Conference in June.

The responsibilities covered by Rene at Telia are wide-ranging. They include: governance, risk and compliance (GRC); fraud management; revenue assurance; and credit control.

In addition to his work at Telia, Rene is also a driving force in the risk and assurance community globally. He has been the leader of the TM Forum’s global RA survey since 2014, and is responsible for transforming it into an insight-based collaborative experience.

Rene has over 14 years of industry expertise and has spent 10 years in international consulting and auditing, with a background in GRC, RA and outsourcing/partner management.

Regular RAG attendees know Rene well; he has spoken at several of our previous events. Because of the insights Rene has gained from his owned work and through industry collaboration, it comes as no surprise that audiences always have plenty of questions for him and invariably want him to come back to future RAG events.