RAG London Revenue Assurance Training Course

A leading trainer gives a one-day course on "Accelerating Revenue Assurance Maturity by Exploiting Risk Management Techniques"

In partnership with Geoff Ibbett of rrmSolutions, RAG London 2018 is offering a limited number places for a pre-conference training workshop for revenue assurance practitioners. The title of the course is “Accelerating Revenue Assurance Maturity by Exploiting Risk Management Techniques”.

The course will run for one day, on Monday 23rd April 2018, the day before the RAG London conference. More details are given below.

Course Content

The title of the course is “Accelerating Revenue Assurance Maturity by Exploiting Risk Management Techniques”.

Revenue assurance is a rapidly maturing discipline within the telecommunications sector yet many organisations reach an artificial ceiling in the performance of their RA programme and so are not able fulfil their true potential. This education session provides delegates with a comprehensive understanding of the organisational characteristics that inhibit the effectiveness of revenue assurance operations and explores techniques that can be used to overcome them; in particular, the role that risk management techniques can play in helping organisations accelerate the maturity of their revenue assurance operations.

The purpose of this education session is to equip Revenue Assurance Managers, Supervisors and Analysts will the knowledge, expertise and above all, confidence, to lead the next step in the evolution of their revenue assurance programme, and beyond. It defines the key principles of revenue assurance, identifies common problems faced by businesses, defines a risk map to guide revenue assurance operations, develops the concept of maturity within revenue assurance operations and harnesses risk management techniques to help organisations develop an effective control framework for their organisations.

This education session will be divided into 5 sessions.

Session 1: Revenue Assurance Fundamentals

Provides attendees with a common understanding of the key principles of revenue assurance within the telecommunication industry; its nature and what drives these issues within a business. It describes the typical problem areas that are found, the concept of the revenue assurance lifecycle and the benefits that an organisation can gain by tackling RA issues in a systematic, methodical and holistic manner.

Topics include:

  • What do we mean by revenue assurance?
  • Typical problem areas
  • The consequences to the business
  • Inherent operational weaknesses
  • The nature of the problem
  • The domains of revenue assurance
  • The revenue assurance lifecycle
  • Business benefits of revenue assurance

Session 2: From Revenue Assurance to Business Assurance

Based on real life examples, this session describes detailed common revenue and cost assurance issues as they relate to different stages of the typical revenue chain from product definition, ordering and service activation through to receivables, finance and accounting, culminating in the definition of the operational Revenue Assurance Risk Map before discussing the natural evolution of revenue assurance into business assurance.

Topics include:

  • Key risk areas
  • Revenue assurance scenarios
  • Introduction to the Revenue Assurance Risk Map
  • From revenue assurance to business assurance

Session 3: Maturity Considerations for Revenue Assurance

Describes a method of identifying organisational behaviours that constrain the operational effectiveness of an operator’s revenue assurance programme and how to overcome them.

Topics include:

  • What is revenue assurance maturity?
  • Why is maturity important?
  • Organisational characteristics that influence operational effectiveness of RA
  • Other factors that influence the maturity of RA operations
  • Maturity modelling for revenue assurance
  • Progressing through the stages of maturity
  • Conducting a maturity assessment

Session 4: A Risk-Based Approach to Revenue Assurance

Explores how risk management techniques can be exploited to accelerate revenue assurance maturity.

Topics include:

  • An introduction to risk management concepts
  • Inherent vulnerabilities
  • Consequences of revenue assurance issues
  • Risk reduction and residual risk
  • Risk identification, evaluation and mitigation
  • Primary and secondary controls
  • Risk levels
  • Group exercise
  • Developing a control framework
  • Dynamic risk management life-cycle
  • Business benefits of this approach

Session 5: Summary and Q&A

A summary of the course is provided and additional time is set aside for a final round of questions.

Your Trainer

Geoff IbbettYour trainer will be Mr. Geoff Ibbett.

Geoff is a highly experienced telecoms professional and business manager with over 30 years’ experience in the technology sector, the last 20 of which have been within the telecoms industry. His specialist skills cover the areas of usage data management, revenue assurance and risk management combined with software product management. In addition, he has been providing education services in these areas for nearly two decades.

Geoff has a wealth of practical, hands-on experience of the process gaps, systems, operational and organisational issues that contribute to such revenue loss and how to overcome them. He has personally identified and helped operators recover millions of dollars of unbilled revenues and reduce unnecessary costs.

In conjunction with delivering revenue assurance services Geoff has also led the development of three generations of revenue assurance system.

He is an active member of the Risk & Assurance Group and has participated in the Global Billing Association (GBA), now an integral part of the TM Forum’s Revenue Management Initiative. He is the proud recipient of two Outstanding Contributor Awards from the TM Forum.


The course has a fee of GBP495 plus VAT as appropriate, per each person who attends. Fees are payable in advance.

Organisations sending more than two delegates to the course may qualify for a discount.


The workshop will be held at a separate location, near to the venue for RAG London. Details will be provided to registered participants.

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