Robert Gerstmann, Sinch

Robert Gerstmann is the Chief Evangelist and a co-founder of Sinch, a global leader in cloud communications for messaging. The Sinch enterprise service portfolio includes SMS, MMS, RCS, WhatsApp and other OTT channels, verification, voice, video and personalized messaging. They also provide mobile operators with services and software for messaging, security and revenue assurance.

Robert is a brand ambassador who drives the business growth strategy by providing input and direction to product and technology roadmaps and by engaging with customers and partners around the globe. He founded CLX Communications, better known as CLX, in 2008 with Johan Hedberg, Kristian Männik, Henrik Sandell, Björn Zethraeus and Kjell Arvidsson. CLX went on to acquire and integrate numerous allied businesses including Mblox, Symsoft and Vehicle. They purchased Sinch in 2016 and subsequently rebranded their entire business as Sinch in 2019.

Robert is also a long-serving board member at the Mobile Ecosystem Forum.