Shoaib Qureshi, Ooredoo Qatar

Shoaib is a Director at Ooredoo, Qatar’s incumbent multiplay operator, with responsibility for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), strategic planning and performance management. He has kindly agreed to be a panellist at our summer conference, where he will participate in a discussion of the challenges that telcos face when implementing an ERM program, and how ERM relates to various functions around the business.

The Ooredoo ERM program covers all of the operator’s strategic, operational, compliance and financial risks. As a consequence, Shoaib works closely with many other teams in the business, including Health and Safety, Physical Security, IT security, Government Liaison and others. Shoaib is currently planning a campaign to educate employees about risk culture, which includes the development of an e-training course about risk.

Shoaib is an experienced telecoms professional with degrees in engineering and business management. Prior to joining Ooredoo, Shoaib performed product assurance for France Telecom, Orange and Philips.