SIGOS Renews Gold Sponsorship of RAG

10 June 2019 SIGOS, the global market leaders in the use of active testing technologies for telecoms providers, have extended their Gold tier sponsorship of the Risk & Assurance Group (RAG) for another year. As a result, their experts will speak at RAG conferences in Germany, Canada, South Africa and India.

Around the world there are 1,000 leading communication companies that trust SIGOS to ensure they deliver the best mobile experience and service quality. SIGOS testing also secures business success by testing for accurate billing and by identifying fraud. The cost-effective combination of these testing capabilities can be further linked to validating the performance of apps and checking that innovations work as they should, thus resulting in happy customers.

Rob Chapman, RAG Chairman and COO, was delighted with the news.

As market leaders in testing, SIGOS is witness to the full spectrum of risks and issues. Their joined-up approach means they can deliver many layers of benefits to telcos, helping them to appreciate the links between experience, protection, revenues and reputation. RAG audiences gain by learning from SIGOS experts who have access to a tremendous breadth of data as well possessing deep practical experience.

RAG has an excellent relationship with SIGOS, built on equal measures of trust and respect. SIGOS have proven they are committed supporters of our shared goals. The common objectives of SIGOS and RAG include the promotion of more intelligent decision-making as can only be sustained through superior data, and a progressive increase in collaboration between risk and assurance professionals. We value SIGOS as sponsors and as friends.

Adil Kaya, CEO of SIGOS said:

From the very start SIGOS stood up for quality for end users. Testing the quality of service provided by mobile operators is our core business. Our activities in the revenue assurance domain with billing verification are part of that. SIGOS verifies the quality of the metering and billing for many network operators across the globe.

RAG also fights for high quality so continuing the Gold sponsorship of RAG is logical for SIGOS. Attending RAG events increases the quality of SIGOS, for which we are very grateful. I am looking forward to another successful year in our partnership.


SIGOS is the worldwide leader in automated end-to-end active testing and fraud detection of telecommunication networks and services.

Our solutions enable network operators, OTT content and solution providers, carriers, regulators and enterprise businesses to fully understand quality of service and quality of experience from an end-user perspective.

Over 470 worldwide telecommunications customers, including the top 100 operators, as well as over 670 leading enterprise business benefit from our comprehensive range of scalable testing, monitoring, tracing and reporting solutions across the entire mobile industry value chain.

SIGOS is headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany with offices in Belgium, Singapore and in the US. Based on a network of authorized partner companies and representations SIGOS is present in over 60 worldwide locations.

Visit the SIGOS website at to learn more.

About the Risk & Assurance Group

The Risk & Assurance Group (RAG) is dedicated to improving the practice of risk management, business assurance, fraud management and security within the providers of electronic communications services. RAG is a not-for-profit corporation run by experts in the field of risk and assurance within telcos. We seek to facilitate the education and networking of professionals in order to improve standards of performance, reduce waste, and better serve customers. Practitioners may attend our events and access our online services free of charge; financial support is provided by specialist vendors with an interest in highlighting the importance of the work done in this field, and in expanding its remit.

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