SMS Fraud Guidelines and Code of Conduct from the Mobile Ecosystem Forum

RAG endorses the Business SMS Code of Conduct and the Business SMS Fraud Framework of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF). We encourage all risk professionals to read the MEF guidance about messaging fraud and abuse and to sign up their businesses to comply with the Business SMS Code of Conduct.


Why Does RAG Endorse MEF’s Approach to SMS Fraud and Abuse?

Collaboration should not involve duplication. The Mobile Ecosystem Forum have demonstrated they are industry leaders when it comes to tackling messaging abuse. Competing standards serve little purpose when it is vital that a wide range of businesses – mobile network operators, virtual operators, A2P SMS aggregators, communications platform-as-a-service providers, technology providers and enterprises that use SMS to engage with customers – should all work together to counter fraud and spam messaging. MEF has involved the largest number of key players, with more than 70 participants in total, in the process of delivering and agreeing their anti-fraud guidance and Code. These businesses have supported the evolution of MEF’s Business SMS Code of Conduct, which is now on version 2.0, and MEF’s Business SMS Fraud Framework, which is now on version 3.0.

Established in 2000, The Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) is a global trade body that acts as an impartial and authoritative champion for addressing issues affecting the broadening mobile ecosystem. RAG is represented on the Compliance Committee for the Business SMS Code of Conduct and also provided input during the drafting of the most recent guidelines.


How to Sign the MEF Code of Conduct for Business SMS

Businesses that sign the Business SMS Code of Conduct commit to upholding the highest standards for fraud prevention and to assisting each other to reduce fraud. Their adherence to the Code is overseen by a Compliance Committee who will rule on any complaints raised against one of the signatories.

Those businesses which sign the Code need to be members of MEF. You can begin the process of learning about MEF membership by completing the following query form. MEF’s team will then get in touch to tell you more and arrange an introductory call.

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    More Information

    You can learn more about the Business SMS Code of Conduct and the Business SMS Fraud Framework from the MEF website:

    Version 3.0 of the MEF Business SMS Fraud Framework can be obtained by registering at the MEF website: