Spring Meeting: 10th March 2016

Our regular Spring get-together

The first meeting of the year was held on Thursday 10th March, at our regular venue in the conference room at Cartesian’s offices, Holborn, London.


  • André Roy of Farncombe on how to protect the revenues generated by streaming video.
  • David Morrow, formerly of Vodafone, presented a case study on Missing Trader VAT Fraud.
  • Dan Ret of Sagacity drew on his experience to compare revenue assurance inside telcos to the assurance work he does for water and energy suppliers.
  • John Preston of Tesco Mobile led a workshop on assuring 4G services.
  • Rishi Modha of Cartesian spoke about a recent project where his firm tackled leakages caused by users sharing their passwords in order to circumvent controls and access subscription-only content.
  • The RAG Committee briefed members about plans for the 2-day summer conference.

The running order and more details of each talk can be found here.


The venue for our spring meeting was the conference room on the top floor of Cartesian’s London offices. The address is:

Descartes House
Gate Street
London WC2A 3HP

The nearest London Underground station is Holborn, just a hundred yards from Cartesian’s offices.