Stacy Graham, CFCA and ANPI

Stacy is the Director of Risk Operations and Recon at ANPI, a US IP network operator that focuses on providing communication services to business customers. She is also a Director of the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA), and will soon be appointed Secretary of that organization.

Stacy will fly in from the USA to join our Summer RAG conference, where she will talk about the CFCA’s global fraud survey and join the TM Forum’s Rene Felber for a panel discussion about industry surveys and how telcos should respond to their findings. Stacy and Rene will discuss the quality of leakage data that is publicly available, what that data tells us about the risks facing telcos, why telcos benefit by benchmarking their performance, and how to overcome the challenges to running a successful global survey.

In her role at ANPI, Stacy oversees all risks relating to fraud management, the approval of credit for new accounts, and collections. She also has responsibility for network routing, capacity management and the management of suppliers.