Submitting New Documents to the RAG Library

All RAG members are encouraged to share guidebooks, white papers and other reference documents they have written by including them in RAG’s growing library of guidance materials. The owners of the document will retain their copyright; RAG will make no claim of ownership for any intellectual property submitted to its library. The content of library documents may cover any relevant topic so long as its primary purpose is not advertising.

To ensure quality, any document submitted will be reviewed by members of the RAG steering committee whose expertise is relevant to the content. If they are satisfied the document will be published on the RAG website.

RAG does not set any requirements for the formatting of documents submitted to the library. It is advisable for the copyright holder to be clearly identified on the document, and we prefer documents to be given as PDF files. If you would like to write a new document and want a template suitable for the RAG Library, you are welcome to download this simple Word template.

When you are ready to submit your document please start the process by using the form below. A member of our team will respond and, if appropriate, discuss the file format used for your document and the best way to transmit the file to our team.

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