Sydney Conference: 30-31 Jan 2018

The RAG roadshow travels to the Asia-Pacific region for the first time, seeking to bring together professionals for a unique event


In collaboration with Optus, RAG’s January 2018 conference will be held in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st. We will bring together expert telecom risk and assurance speakers from Asia-Pac and beyond. Like all RAG conferences, telcos and regulators can come for free!

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The agenda for RAG Sydney will cover fraud management, revenue assurance, other kinds of business assurance, enterprise risk management, security and credit risk. Unlike other conferences we want to avoid promising speakers until we are confident they can take part, so we share the draft of our agendas as we keep adding new speakers to it. The draft agenda can be seen below. Click the speaker’s name to review his or her profile, or else see the profiles of all the confirmed speakers by looking here.

Click here to open the working agenda in a new window


Some of the agenda highlights are as follows.

Day One

  • Our conference host, Anamitra Mukherjee, Associate Director of Revenue Assurance at Optus, will give an opening keynote presentation about the ways Optus is moving beyond the boundaries of traditional revenue assurance to address new objectives. Handset assurance is just one of the new forms of assurance his team is undertaking.
  • In response to popular demand, TEOCO founder Atul Jain will fly in from the USA to give one of his impromptu talks about the way to unlock your potential by daring to think differently. It was by thinking differently that Atul has succeeded in growing his bootstrap analytics business into a supplier of over 300 telcos worldwide.
  • Julian Hebden, Chief Data Officer for the government in the state of Victoria, will be joined by some other special guests for a conversation about the way business and society can make the best use of data, plus the downsides of knowing more than ever before. Julian cut his teeth whilst working for telcos like Telstra and T-Mobile, so he will have plenty of insights about the challenges they currently face. Other panellists include Mike Willett, Data and Analytics Partner for EYC3 and a former Director of Fraud and RA at Telstra, and Max Miller, who was General Manager of Strategy in Telstra’s Global Finance Services department until recently.
  • BT’s Hakim Akayour will join us from the UK, to talk about how his telco uses a large-scale test-driven approach to verify the accuracy of bills. George Geronikos of SIGOS will also contribute to a combined case study about the work they do together.
  • Jayne Hunter, Head of Revenue Assurance at Vodafone Australia, and Darren Rinaldi, Head of Billing Operations & Revenue Assurance at Foxtel, will contribute to a panel discussion on the ways managers can keep their telcos focused on revenue assurance objectives.
  • Tuesday’s closing session will discuss how risk profiles are changing in many countries due to trends relating to roaming, bypass, and billing. Mandy Blackburn of Roscom will explain how many of these risks can be mitigated through testing.

Day Two

  • Simeon Coney of AdaptiveMobile will give a keynote presentation about the increasing threats to network security. Simeon returns to RAG after his insights were well received by the audience at our previous event, RAG Johannesburg.
  • Glenn Hovey, Head of IT Operations at Macquarie Telecom Group, and Belinda Soh, Senior Security Advisor to Telenor, will join a panel that discusses the relationship between security and other disciplines like fraud management and revenue assurance. The increasing complexity of security threats means that telcos are investing more in security in order to mitigate a burgeoning array of risks.
  • Well known telecom evangelist Tony Poulos will fly in to give a presentation about synthetic IDs and how they allow fraudsters to make money whilst causing misery for their victims.
  • International fraud expert Colin Yates, Rita Handayani of Indosat Ooredoo, and Nishad Majeed of Mobileum will discuss current trends in fraud management and whether the war on fraud is being won or lost. A recent survey showed a significant global fall in estimates of telecoms fraud, but will this continue or is it just a blip?
  • The emerging discipline of handset and device assurance will be explored through a two-part series of presentations. To begin, Sujith Dissanayake and Gihan Samarawickrama of Optus will talk about the way they have expanded the remit of their RA function to cover handsets as well. Then Andy Jacobs of Subex will expand upon the Optus case study by showing how the same techniques can be used to assure customer premises equipment in general.
  • Anti-corruption consultant Allan Yates will talk about how to implement whistleblowing procedures, integrity frameworks and other tools to counter fraud and abuse in the workplace. Allan will draw on his working experience as a government ombudsman and the academic research he is doing for his PhD.
  • RAG will close the conference with a panel of ‘wise heads’ – industry veterans who will talk freely about the state of the industry and will comment on the main themes covered by the event. The panel will include Eric Priezkalns, Editor of Commsrisk, and Geoff Ibbett, who has won two outstanding contribution awards from the TM Forum for his work on revenue assurance.

Location, Evening Entertainment and Hotels

The conference will be held at Optus’ stunning headquarters in Sydney. Their address is: 1 Lyonpark Road, Macquarie Park, NSW 2113. Guests should please assemble at the reception in Building F. The following map of the Optus campus shows the location of each building and also gives pointers for anyone arriving by taxi, motorcycle or bicycle.


The Optus campus is found in the Macquarie Park district of Sydney. A Google map of the area is shown below; the location of Optus is marked with a red pointer.

Photographs of the campus highlight the excellent facilities that Optus are providing as hosts; you can see those pictures here.

There is a wide choice of hotels and serviced apartments near to the conference venue; the closest ones are within walking distance. Some of these hotels have been listed below, and their locations have been marked on the map. You can also click on the yellow icons on the map to see more information about each hotel listed. Attendees of RAG events are responsible for booking and paying for their own accommodation.

Complimentary lunch and refreshments are included in RAG conferences, and we also intend to offer free food at networking events on both evenings. Further details will be given when they have been confirmed.


We know that some telco managers like to see a printed brochure before they agree to approve the travel costs to attend our free conferences. This can make life difficult for RAG because our events involve lots of speakers, and new ones keep being added! However, here is an early version of the RAG Sydney brochure; it names speakers who confirmed by the beginning of November.

Download the RAG Sydney brochure by clicking this link or you can view the brochure below.


RAG always adds speakers right up to the week before the conference, so be sure to keep checking the agenda on this web page for the most accurate and comprehensive rundown of speakers.

Free Registration for Telcos and Regulators

Managers and staff employed by telcos or telecom regulators can attend RAG Sydney for free by registering in advance using the official email address of their employer. The registration form is below. RAG will reject registrations for free seats that come from individuals who are employed by other businesses, or who use an email address not associated with the telco or regulator they work for. RAG may permanently ban individuals who deliberately misuse this registration form.

Attendance Options for Sponsors and Invited Guests

Sponsoring businesses may send their representatives to RAG Sydney. RAG receives ongoing support from several market-leading suppliers, but there are also opportunities to sponsor individual conferences. If your business is interested in participating in RAG Sydney then please make your initial query through our contact form.

RAG allocates a limited number of complimentary seats for freelance consultants, subject matter experts, and other industry leaders. To ensure we maintain the right balance for RAG Sydney, these seats will only be made available by invitation to specific named individuals. Guest list invitations to RAG Sydney will be emailed in due course. The best way to be added to the guest list is by making a direct enquiry to a member of the RAG Committee or to relevant contacts working for the host telco or one of the event sponsors.

One of the most important aspects of our conferences is what we call the ‘RAG Spirit’. We want attendees to feel relaxed and have the freedom to talk openly about the challenges they face. To protect the RAG Spirit, we aim for balanced audiences of reputable professionals with a relevant interest. We also keep sales talk to a minimum, so we can focus on ideas rather than products. With that in mind, RAG reserves the right to decide who may attend on a case-by-case basis.

Pre-Conference Revenue Assurance Training Course

In partnership with Geoff Ibbett of rrmSolutions, we are offering a revenue assurance training workshop entitled “Accelerating Revenue Assurance Maturity by Exploiting Risk Management Techniques”. The workshop will be run the day before the conference, on Monday 29th January. There is a fee for taking part in this course, which must be paid in advance. Details about the course and registration instructions can be found here.