Taruna Ranjan’s Answers to Questions Asked about Her ‘RA in the World of Uncarrier: TMUS Journey’ Presentation at RAG Toronto 2019

How did you gain control of areas reluctant to get you involved?

  1. Providing RA assessment and business case to solve for complex problems. Buy-in from key stakeholders and partners is a must before solutioning.
  2. RA team’s proven record for strong analytics and recommending solid mitigation strategies.
  3. RA team’s constitution. Team of data scientist and domain knowledge including our Managed Service team.
  4. Continual focus on building relationship with key stakeholders.
  5. Strong leadership support.

Is RA involved in coordinating fixes for found billing errors? Are they involved with handling the customer experience or communication to the customer about the error?

Yes, we are. And yes, depends on the issue, either Care, Marketing or mostly both is involved with handling customer experience or communicating to the customer.

Do you find it’s more effective & faster to price-out the fraudsters rather than blocking them?

Absolutely. Killing the economic value is key but not possible all the time due to marketing claims. However, if you can be ahead of fraudsters, you will kill their incentives and will deter most of it.

How are you tracking/identifying B-numbers used for chat lines , radio etc and deciding on a higher rate

It’s classified info that I wouldn’t be able to share. We do use newer technologies like ML/AI to detect.