“Telecoms Fraud, Terrorism and Money Laundering” by David Morrow of Fraud Fit

David Morrow is an expert fraud consultant, having been Vodafone Group Corporate Security Fraud Manager, an investigation officer for the UK’s tax authority and a member of management team of the GSMA’s Fraud & Security Group. He gave a compelling presentation at the 2016 Summer RAG about the links between fraud, terrorism and money laundering. Dave also explained how and why telcos need to do more to combat the organised criminals who blight our businesses and society in general.

Dave’s presentation introduced the audience to the need for the UK to make better use of the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) to confiscate the money generated from telecoms fraud, and the support he received from the audience led to the formation of a campaign to persuade UK telcos and law enforcement professionals to make more effective use of POCA. It is hoped that by encouraging the seizure of much larger of amounts of money the UK may not only hit fraudsters but also set a precedent that others will follow.

The slide pack for Dave’s presentation can be seen below or downloaded from here.