Terri Smith, Assurance and Analytics Professional

Terri Smith is a respected and experienced finance professional who used to serve as the Vice President of Finance Systems, Transformation and Integrity at T-Mobile US. In this role, Terri was in charge of using data analysis to improve the telco’s profits whilst also assuring its costs and revenues.

Terri’s work has placed her at the intersection of finance and technology, with responsibility for both the accuracy and efficiency of financial operations as well as delivering a positive customer experience. She is a recognized leader when it comes to digital transformation, merger integration, management of information systems, business assurance and the innovative use of technology to improve returns.

Whilst at T-Mobile, Terri represented the Finance division in all the major initiatives undertaken by the enterprise. She reported to the CFO and was central to developing the transformation strategies for Finance as well as managing the integration following both the merger of T-Mobile with Sprint and the earlier merger of T-Mobile with MetroPCS.

Terri was a Vice President at MetroPCS before its 2013 merger with T-Mobile. She originally joined MetroPCS in 2004, and was responsible for reporting to the C-level about the USD5bn in annual revenues the company generated prior to the merger.

Terri has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Computer Science from Muskingum University.