The RAG Community Award

The RAG Community Award is given to an individual who has donated valuable intellectual property which can be freely used by other risk and assurance professionals. The winner of the award will receive 1,000 US dollars in recognition of their contribution to the community.

The award is subject to the following rules.

  1. The award is judged based on the quality and worth of the intellectual property that has been donated to the community. In this context, donating the intellectual property means the owner of that property must either transparently license others to use their intellectual property or else consciously place the work in the public domain by legally abandoning all property rights. If the property is licensed for use by others then the people and businesses relying upon that license must not be expected to pay any financial charge or levy for using the property.
  2. For the avoidance of doubt, the work donated must be intellectual property (for example, a written work subject to copyright, a patent etc). Ideas, speeches, suggestions, opinions and other work which are not some form of intellectual property cannot be eligible.
  3. Where the work has been created in the context of paid employment, the donating individual must be able to demonstrate that his or her employer has authorised the donation of the intellectual property.
  4. Entrants to the award must submit their work to the RAG Steering Committee so they may judge it.
  5. The award will be judged annually. Works must be submitted for consideration during the award period but may have been created at an earlier date. RAG may vary any deadline it announces for the submission of works.
  6. The donor must promote the use of his or her work amongst the RAG community by: (1) attending a RAG conference and giving the audience a description and/or demonstration of the work, and explaining how it can be obtained; or (2) making the work available for distribution via RAG’s website.
  7. Members of RAG’s Steering Committee will judge the award. They may make enquiries to verify the ownership of the intellectual property. They may also ask the donor to explain their work or to demonstrate its use in practice.
  8. RAG is under no obligation to issue an award. The judges may decline to issue an award if there are no worthy submissions during the period of their review. They may alternatively decide to extend the submission period to allow more submissions to be made.
  9. The winner of the award will comply with RAG’s reasonable requests for assistance with distributing and promoting the winning work.