Tony Sani’s Answers to Questions Asked about the ‘Blockchain Wangiri Project’ Presentation at RAG Bonn 2019

Will it really be free?

Yes, consortium members who contribute to the ledger will be able to access the global ledger at no cost. Those participating members who are only accessing the ledger and not contributing will need to subscribe to the ledger data.

How many participants constitute critical mass? How many is enough for the blockchain platform to start operating?

We now have over 20 Telcos seeking to participate in the pilot. This is adequate to demonstrate the collective value of individual contributions, and constitutes an adequately sized consortium for the pilot.

Will source of shared data in wangiri blockchain be anonymised?

Yes, the source of the contribution will be anonymised.

What is benefit for you? Social responsibility?

Yes, the service will be free for contributing members. This is consistent with the RAG model as a non-profit organization. Orillion’s partnership with RAG is intended to showcase the benefit of using exponential technology to address industry problems, which is the basis of its value proposition.

What about applying to roaming data sharing?

Yes, roaming fraud can be added as a future use case.

Why choose RAG as certification authority?

RAG is a non-profit organization, whose independence and credibility in the industry is well suited to the role of certification authority for its members.

What happens in case of needing to modify the database?

The ability will exist to add and remove information in the ledger. This will be based on rules the consortium will agree which will be integrated into the blockchain smart contract capability.