Tony Sani’s Answers to Questions Asked about the ‘Blockchain Wangiri Project’ Presentation at RAG Toronto 2019

Who is the data owner? What if the Telco wants to remove their data?

The consortium owns the data. The ability will exist for numbers to be added and removed.

How many contributors make critical mass?

We now have over 20 Telcos seeking to participate in the pilot. This is adequate to demonstrate the collective value of individual contributions, and constitutes an adequately sized consortium for the pilot.

How can we trace the money to actually identify the end-fraudster using this?

Once traffic patterns are understood, and a global consortium exists, the ability to influence originating number range owners to take preventative action and provide information to law enforcement will improve significantly.

Which operators have already joined the consortium

There are over 20 global CSP’s interested in the pilot.

Where will the pilot results be published?

Yes, a case study will be published through the Risk & Assurance Group.

What other key target use cases?

Future use cases include IPRS fraud, IP fraud, mobile financial service fraud, device fraud, roaming fraud among others.

Just telcos or can vendors also join?

Both telcos and vendors can join.