Vasily Birulin, AB Handshake Corporation

Vasily Birulin is the Managing Director of AB Handshake Corporation. He is a telecom executive with more than two decades of experience in business development, commercial operations and technological innovation, having held a variety of positions including CCO, VP of Sales, CTIO, and research and development roles.

In the telecoms sector Vasily spent eight years at Veon, where he was the CCO and Director of Group Interconnect & Data Commerce and Operations. Prior to Veon, Vasily worked for Beeline Russia where he was the Head of their Multimedia & Convergence function. More recently he oversaw IoT sales in the EMEA region for floLIVE, a global connectivity service aimed at the IoT market.

Vasily is also the co-founder of Progkids, an educational programming platform that introduces kids to coding in the world of Minecraft. This allows children to quickly apply existing gaming skills to the challenge of programming.

Vasily studied at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University where he received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and did postgraduate research in IT and telecoms engineering.