Some of RAG’s conference presentations and panel discussions have been recorded on video. Here is an archive from previous RAG events.

RAG Americas Online 2020

Recordings of this event will be added soon.

RAG London Online 2020

“Addressing Handset and Device Risks in the Digital World” by Nithin Gangadharan of Subex

A specialist in machine learning and anomaly detection explains how to better protect networked devices.

“13 Years a Slave” by Joseph Nderitu

Joseph recounts a personal story about a miscarriage of justice and the impact that corrupt regulators can have on telcos and the people who work for them. The presentation reiterates and extends the insights Joseph shared in his keynote address to RAG Johannesburg 2019.

“The Three Common Myths of Test Tools” by John Davies of BluGem

An expert in the science of testing deals with misconceptions about using test calls and other test events to identify leakages and detect frauds.

“Revenue Assurance of the Future” by Bharat Pandit of Tata Sky

The Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Intelligence at Tata Sky explains how his team has taken the principles of revenue assurance and applied them to a wider range of challenges.

“The A and B Number Handshake, a Proposal for a Global Fraud Solution” by Sergey Okhrimenko of LANCK Telecom

The COO of LANCK Telecom outlines an affordable mechanism to verify the origin of calls and so make several kinds of fraud impossible.

Panel: Trends in Revenue Assurance

Bernice DeMarco of BT, Jeremy Paynter of Inmarsat, Msimisi Fakudze of MTN Group and Carlos Marques of Mobileum join moderator and widely-experienced RA professional Paul Davies for a discussion of the newest ways to increase the returns generated by revenue assurance.

“Is There a Correlation between Poor Reference Data Management and Errors?” by Nev Phillips of Symmetry Solutions

An exploration of the relationship between telecoms business assurance and the management of standing data, including an evaluation of the cost of waiting until mistakes are identified by customers.

Panel: Finding New Ways to Fight Wangiri and Spam

Morgan Ramsey of Vodafone Group, Olumayowa Oloyede of MTN Nigeria, Goran Marić of HT ERONET, Jeffrey Ross of GBSD Technologies and moderator Tony Sani of RAG discuss the root causes of the global rise in ‘one ring’ scams, what telcos can do to protect customers, the relationship between wangiri and other kinds of robocall spam, and how the USA’s TRACED Act may force telcos worldwide to take action.

“Business Assurance for Digital TV” by Glen Winn

Experienced RAFM professional Glen Winn walks the audience through the ways his team has protected the television revenues of Virgin Media, and how they have adapted the RAG Leakage Catalogue for that purpose.

“Blockchain: A Tool in the Business Assurance Toolbox” by Jacob Howell of TEOCO

An analysis of the potential to use distributed ledger technology to reduce losses and improve the profitability of telcos.

“SIP and Fraud: The Underestimated Problem” by Arnd Baranowski of Oculeus

The CEO of Oculeus discusses the disadvantages and benefits of telcos transiting to IP networks and the use of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for signalling.

“Assuring the Network Assets of Optus” by Lorene Hunt and Madan Jangra

Senior managers in Optus explain how they enhanced the tracking and management of network assets.

Panel: The Relationship between Revenue Protection, Assurance and Maximization for Pay TV Providers

Major digital TV providers from India, Australia and the British Isles discuss profitability analytics, anti-piracy, customer satisfaction and everything between. Panel moderator Eric Priezkalns of RAG is joined by Rahul Puri of Tata Sky, Darren Rinaldi of Foxtel and Glen Winn of Virgin Media.

“Revenue Assurance Rating Reconciliation” by Paul Cox

Neural Technologies’ Paul Cox shares stories and insights into rating assurance.

Panel: Hot Topics in Fraud Management

Donald Reinhart of LATRO Services, Vincent Revol of FraudBuster and risk executive Lee Scargall discuss bypass, SIM swapping and IRSF whilst evaluating which frauds are rising, which are falling, and how fraud management techniques are changing in response.

“International Revenue Share Fraud in Practice” by Kenneth Mouton of SIGOS

Drawing on real data, this talk shows how number ranges are abused to inflate telecoms traffic and the losses telcos suffer as a result. Common issues in the transfer of knowledge between RAFM and Interconnect/Wholesale departments are also discussed.

Panel: How to Integrate Test Calls into an Assurance Strategy

Experts talk about the ways they use test calls to find issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. The panellists are: Shahid Ishtiaq from Etisalat; Rémy Eckernkemper from Bouygues Telecom; Xavier Lesage from Araxxe; and panel moderator Lee Scargall.

Panel: The Relationship between Telco Risk Management and Risk Management across Industries

A panel with broad experience of risk in numerous sectors compares telecoms to financial services, retail, utilities and charities. The panel also discusses the routes individuals take when moving into and out of telco revenue assurance. The panel consists of: Mike Waldron of Worldpay; Mike Morley-Fletcher of MacMillan Cancer Support; Rachel Goodin of Ocado; and moderator Vernon Kitay of Blackfoot UK.

“The RAG Leakage Catalogue and Leakage Coverage Survey” by Geoff Ibbett of RAG

The leader of RAG’s leakage coverage initiative explains how he and telcos around the world have compiled the most comprehensive inventory of telco revenue and cost leakages. The talk also explains how the 2019 survey of leakage coverage defines a roadmap from revenue assurance to business assurance.

RAG London Conference 2017

John Preston, Head of Billing, Collections Risk and Assurance at Tesco Mobile, talks about combining different personalities within a team that does end-to-end revenue assurance.

Atul Jain of TEOCO begins his keynote at RAG London 2017 with a few witty insights about how to think differently.

RAG Summer Conference 2016

Simon Walsh, Fraud Operations Manager for Telefónica UK, explains why safeguarding and verifying each customer’s identity has become much more challenging.

RAG Committee Member, expert consultant and ex-Vodafone Fraud Manager David Morrow discusses the UK’s severe ongoing problem with telecoms fraud. He explains why he is campaigning for industry reform and why the police should get tough on organised crime by making more use of the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA).

Paul Masters, Head of Internal Audit at food retailer Ocado, compares the way telcos and retailers approach operational integrity. Paul worked for a variety of telcos before joining Ocado, and had been the chief internal auditor at both O2 and Etisalat Group.

Mark Yelland, author of Revenue Assurance for Service Providers, tells us which skills and technologies he would prioritize for investment.

Gina Pesheva of Deutsche Telekom tells vendors why they should embed risk models into revenue assurance tools.

Shoaib Qureshi, Director of Risk at Ooredoo, talks about winning support from C-level execs.

Marcus Bryant discusses the RAFM education program of MTN Group, and how they chose to deliver it.

John Bangs of Sky, Pedro Bravo of NOS and Alex Cassettari of TalkTalk discuss the pros and cons of RA teams sitting within Finance.

Bernice DeMarco, Director of BT Group Revenue Assurance, talks about her career journey and supporting her team.

Tony Poulos of DisruptiveViews explains why RAFM practitioners need to tackle risks that undermine the sustainability of telcos.