WeDo Technologies Renews Global Sponsorship of RAG

29 May 2019 WeDo Technologies, the leading suppliers of revenue assurance and fraud management software by market share, have chosen to extend their global sponsorship of the Risk & Assurance Group (RAG). They join 12 other international businesses that will provide ongoing funding for RAG’s free online services as well as RAG’s latest series of free international conferences.

WeDo will attend the RAG conferences to be held in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia as gold-tier sponsors of those events. With customers in over 100 countries, WeDo is uniquely conscious of developing threats and changing business practices and this makes them a valuable contributor to RAG.

RAG has been sponsored by WeDo since 2016, and WeDo’s delegates are valued members of the RAG family. RAG’s collegiate atmosphere fits well with WeDo’s approach to business. As conference participants, WeDo have proven themselves to be a dependable source of important new insights into how the telecoms risk universe is evolving. WeDo generously shares their views with audiences, whilst also seeking feedback and advice that will influence their product roadmap.

Eric Priezkalns, RAG Chief Exec, welcomed the continuation of the mutually beneficial relationship between WeDo and RAG.

It is a privilege to have the support of WeDo Technologies and their incomparable team of professionals. Audiences are wise to listen to WeDo’s opinions about developments in telecoms risk and assurance. There is no doubt about the business acumen of WeDo and their team, who have been market leaders in revenue assurance and fraud management for most of this decade, and a driving force in the growth of the market since the business was founded in 2001.

WeDo has always favoured an intelligent approach which appreciates the value gained by listening to telcos and learning from them. The open exchange of ideas and experiences is a source of WeDo’s competitive advantage; it is also an objective of RAG. Our complementary outlook explains why RAG and WeDo enjoy such a positive bond.

Rui Paiva, CEO of WeDo, spoke about the reasons his business supports RAG.

The telecom industry is undergoing tremendous change, which makes the ability to manage risk and revenue assurance more critical than ever. RAG events allow industry experts to come together from across the world to share, discuss and solve these challenges in a collaborative, non-competitive environment. WeDo Technologies is honoured to be a proud RAG member and supporter of these efforts since 2016, and annual Gold Sponsor for their conferences.

About WeDo Technologies

WeDo Technologies is the global market leader in Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management software for CSP’s worldwide. We find the flaws in your company’s processes and assure your business efficiency and profitability.

Through a single fully integrated Risk Management software tool we collect data across all business applications and provide detailed activity monitoring to help improve overall performance.

With 200 Customers in 108 countries and offices worldwide, we combine a +600 network of highly-skilled experts, present in the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa. WeDo Technologies’ software analyzes large quantities of data, monitoring, controlling, managing process optimization, which ensure revenue protection and business risk management.

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About the Risk & Assurance Group

The Risk & Assurance Group (RAG) is dedicated to improving the practice of risk management, business assurance, fraud management and security within the providers of electronic communications services. RAG is a not-for-profit corporation run by experts in the field of risk and assurance within telcos. We seek to facilitate the education and networking of professionals in order to improve standards of performance, reduce waste, and better serve customers. Practitioners may attend our events and access our online services free of charge; financial support is provided by specialist vendors with an interest in highlighting the importance of the work done in this field, and in expanding its remit.

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