Winter Meeting: 3rd November 2016

Updates about RAG working groups and talks about ground-breaking topics like digital identity verification and margin leakage

Our winter meeting was held on Thursday 3rd November 2016. The main theme of the day was identity and its verification, with multiple talks about how telcos can confirm the identity of subscribers by sharing data, two factor authentication, checking banking records, or co-operating with nationwide programs. Mobile operator Three presented a revenue assurance case study and several speakers explained how telcos can work with the police to catch organized criminals and take away the motive for crime.

The meeting ran from 10.30am to 5.30pm in the conference room at Cartesian’s London offices.

Our schedule included two new features: updates from our working groups and “RAGon’s Den”.

New working group leaders were appointed following the Summer RAG, and they have agreed to pursue specific objectives like developing an education program or promoting innovation in the industry. They reported on their plans and the progress that has been made, with the aim of encouraging feedback from all attendees.

Meanwhile, RAGon’s Den is our version of BBC show Dragon’s Den, in which speakers get a limited slot to pitch new ideas to the audience. Will the audience want to hear more, and invite speakers back for a longer session at a future event? That depends on whether the speakers make a convincing pitch in the time available!


The agenda is shown below or you can view/download the PDF brochure using this link.

You can click on the names of speakers to learn more about them and their topics.

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