Xavier Lesage, Araxxe

Since 2005, Xavier Lesage has been the President of Araxxe, a company that specializes in providing end-to-end bill verification and interconnect fraud detection solutions to comms companies all around the world.

After graduating from two top French “Grandes Ecoles”, Xavier has developed deep insights and extensive operational expertise in the communications industry across Europe.

Most of Xavier’s work experience involves working for communication or media companies, helping them to launch new services, to re-design business processes, to enter new markets or to consolidate their operations across Europe. Xavier has been managing both in-depth consulting studies and large IT systems implementation projects during 11 years of work with large incumbents and new entrants in the European wireline and wireless markets.

Between 2002 and 2005, Xavier spent most of its time in developing the revenue assurance practice of Accenture, especially in the European wireless market. Xavier has been at the forefront of several innovative offerings for communications including managed services that help wireless carriers discover and fix revenue leakages.