XINTEC is a software development company specialising in fraud management and revenue assurance solutions. The company has developed a range of specialist products and services to enable telecommunications companies achieve higher levels of profitability by focusing on areas of revenue loss or revenue leakage that typically impact their bottom line.

XINTEC fraud management solutions are built to analyse telecom operator traffic in real-time to detect fraudulent patterns which can lead to revenue losses whilst XINTEC revenue assurance solutions are designed to accurately capture revenue for all services rendered on a customer’s network, by verifying the integrity of processes associated with the billing and collection of all revenues in compliance with regulatory requirements. Both the fraud management and revenue assurance functionalities are accessible through one intuitive and versatile platform – iGenuity™ – which is modular and fully customisable software solution requiring only light-touch integration. Customers can independently select the modules which best suit their needs, allowing them the flexibility to adopt a ‘build as you grow’ strategy. iGenuity™ also incorporates the latest in machine learning and AI techniques to support real-time analysis and reporting.

To accompany the in-life management of the iGenuity™ solution, XINTEC has developed a tiered managed service model, combining best-in-class technical solutions with professional risk management expertise. This gives customers the option to outsource risk management function to a team of trained professionals via differentiated service level agreements tailored to their business needs.

The name XINTEC is derived from the Chinese word heart and the English word technology. Despite our Irish heritage, we wanted a name that captures both our global reach and our philosophy. A philosophy built on a belief that great technology is borne out of a heart-felt passion to create game-changing products, which deliver a real and sustainable impact for the customers we serve.