Yann Metdepenninghen, FraudBuster

Yann is the Chief Operating Officer at FraudBuster, the supplier of anti-fraud solutions aimed at simbox bypass fraud for voice and SMS, monitoring of OTT usage, and certification of interconnect traffic. In this role Yann has become a familiar face at international fraud conferences where he shares insights gained from working with the nearly 100 customers helped by FraudBuster.

Yann has deep experience of fighting fraud. Before FraudBuster Yann was an RAFM product specialist at Meucci, the test call providers who were acquired by SIGOS. He learned his trade working for 11 years at Belgian operator Mobistar. Whilst at Mobistar he worked as a fraud analyst and leader of revenue assurance.

Yann holds a master’s degree in criminology from Ghent University.

At RAG London 2018 Yann will contribute to an expert panel on trends in fraud.