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Established in 2004, RAG is the longest-running event in the world of communications business assurance. Now we aim to become the biggest global provider of free information, advice and events for communications risk and assurance professionals.

RAG attendees include some of the most experienced people working in the field. They enjoy a relaxed atmosphere where insights and ideas are openly discussed and exchanged, helping everyone to develop techniques and tools to counter risks, frauds and leakages. Our events attract the best minds because our agenda is set by experts, not salesmen. Can you afford to miss them?

Our Next International Conference

Sydney Conference: 30-31 Jan 2018

In collaboration with Optus, RAG’s January 2018 conference will be held in Sydney, Australia. We will bring together speakers from Asia-Pac and beyond for an event that should prove a special opportunity to showcase the risk and assurance work being done by telcos in this part of the world. And like all RAG conferences, telcos can come for free! ... [continue reading]

Confirmed Speakers for RAG Sydney

Useful Guidance

We want our members to help each other without RAG trying to make money as a result. That is why our members can use the RAG website to share white papers and other reference documents without giving up their copyright.

Previously we stored guidance in a members-only section of the website, but now we make it all freely available to everyone. Look here for useful papers and guidebooks including a study of the impact of OTT bypass, a worked example for deciding sample sizes when checking for billing errors, and a guide to MTIC fraud.

Do you have a white paper you would like to share with RAG's members? Please get in touch!


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Future Events

Speakers at the November London Meeting

Want to Host RAG in 2018?

RAG events are hosted by telcos around the world. We are now looking for telcos who will host our 2018 conferences. If you might like to bring RAG to your telco then please get in touch. If you have the venue, we will supply marketing, funding and speakers for a world-class event at your location.

Perhaps you are planning a meeting with sister telcos in your international group? You could boost the value with a day of RAG sessions. Maybe you are already arranging training for your team? RAG can bring the experts to you. Whatever your goals, talk to RAG about how we can help each other.

Past Presentations

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Video Inspiration from Previous RAG Conferences

Atul Jain of TEOCO shares some witty insights about how to think differently.
Paul Masters of Ocado compares the way telcos and retailers review operational integrity.
More short videos are available, featuring words of wisdom from other RAG speakers including:

  • - Gina Pesheva of Deutsche Telekom
  • - Tony Poulos of DisruptiveViews
  • - Pedro Bravo of NOS
  • - Marcus Bryant of MTN Group
  • - Bernice DeMarco of BT

You can find these videos and more in our complete video archive.