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Established in 2004, RAG is the longest-running event in the world of communications business assurance. Now we aim to become the biggest global provider of free information, advice and events for communications risk and assurance professionals.

RAG attendees include some of the most experienced people working in the field. They enjoy a relaxed atmosphere where insights and ideas are openly discussed and exchanged, helping everyone to develop techniques and tools to counter risks, frauds and leakages. Our events attract the best minds because our agenda is set by experts, not salesmen. Can you afford to miss them?

Our Next International Conference

Bonn Conference: 21-22 June 2017

Our 2017 Summer Conference will see RAG venture to Bonn, Germany, and the head office of hosts Deutsche Telekom. The conference is scheduled for Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd June. All talks will be given in English. Attendance will be free, but you should book your place as soon as ... [continue reading]

Confirmed Speakers for RAG Bonn


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Global Enterprise Risk Survey – Deadline Extended!

RAG has a launched a new international risk survey, asking telcos how they manage enterprise risk and what risk information they communicate to shareholders. The survey takes just 10 minutes to complete, and involves completing simple multi-choice questions online.

The deadline for participation in the survey has been extended following a strong response from major global telcos. You have until 16th July 2017 to give your input. The survey form can be found and completed on the web; just look here.

Future Events

Education Program Update

Our members demand better training for risk and assurance practitioners, and RAG seeks to develop a solution. The education panel at the recent RAG London Conference prompted such a tremendous response that there was nowhere near enough time to address all the audience's questions. With the help of panellists Marcus Bryant and Michael Lazarou, moderator Eric Priezkalns has compiled answers for each question and published them on his website, Commsrisk. For more about the status of the education program, look here.

UK Telcos: Back our POCA Campaign!

We want law enforcement and telcos to co-operate to confiscate more of the money stolen by fraudsters. Fraud is worth billions, but the law is rarely used to hurt criminals in their pockets. If British telcos made better use of the UK's Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) we could set an international precedent. Learn more here.

The latest campaign update reveals that between 2013 and 2015 the UK's Criminal Prosecution Service did not use POCA to confiscate a single penny from fraudsters. Read more here.

From the RAG Archive

Members can log on and access our archive of past presentations. This is just a sample of the high-quality content you will find there.

Video Inspiration from Previous RAG Conferences

Simon Walsh of Telefónica UK explains why verifying the customer's identity has become more difficult.
Paul Masters of Ocado compares the way telcos and retailers review operational integrity.
David Morrow says our tolerance for telco fraud has turned the UK into "the sick man of Europe."
More short videos are available, featuring words of wisdom from other RAG speakers including:

  • - Gina Pesheva of Deutsche Telekom
  • - Tony Poulos of DisruptiveViews
  • - Pedro Bravo of NOS
  • - Marcus Bryant of MTN Group
  • - Bernice DeMarco of BT

You can find these videos and more in our complete video archive.