Version 5 of the RAG Leakage Catalogue Is Out Now

The latest version of the most comprehensive crowdsourced inventory of revenue and cost leakages is now available for download. Version 5 includes many new threats and root causes not previously included in the catalogue. Visit the leakage catalogue page to see the new version and to obtain your own copy.

RAG Leakage Survey Results

Watch a video summary of results from our Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management and Cyber Security (RAFMCS) survey; this was our biggest ever survey with 185 responses from comms providers. Then view the final episode of our four-part special RAG TV series about interpreting the results, with Eric Priezkalns, RAG Chief Executive, talking to Kiran Zachariah, VP of Digital Security at Subex, about the cybersecurity responses to the survey. All the survey findings and raw data can be found here.

Training Course about Test Call Generators

Our new online training course introduces the many ways automated tests can be used to mitigate a wide range of risks faced by comms providers. The course was donated by BluGem. Take it free of charge or purchase a certificate of certificate for just USD25. You will find the course here.

Replay RAG TV Season 3

Season 3 was the most successful season of RAG TV, watched by 10,000 cumulative viewers over its 18-week run. Click below to remind yourself of episode 12, with former White House advisor Eric Burger discussing spoofing, or visit the RAG TV webpage for recordings of other episodes.


Some Speakers from Previous RAG Events

Replay Sessions from RAG's Online Events

Clodagh Durkan, Danielle Royston and Patrick Donegan are the experts debating the risks of moving core telco functions to the cloud.
Gina Pesheva of Deutsche Telekom talks about why she is driving telcos to adopt a risk-based philosophy for business assurance.
Recordings from RAG events can be found in our video archive. The wide range of speakers includes:

- Kathy Romano of Discovery
- Seb Milczanowski of Vodafone
- Rahul Puri of Tata Sky
- Cherill Swint of Verizon
- Katia Gonzalez of BICS
- Shahid Ishtiaq of Etisalat
- Elgiva Sibisi of MTN South Africa
- and many more!