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RAG has organised events for comms professionals working in business assurance for longer than anyone else. Now we aim to become the biggest global provider of free information and advice through our international conferences and online services.

Next European Conference

London Conference: 13-14 May 2020

RAG will bid a fond farewell to BT Centre, the location for our first international conference, before BT relocates their head office. Just as our 2016 conference spawned an online education program and a series of conferences around the world, so we expect to launch several new collaborative initiatives at RAG London 2020 … [continue]

Confirmed Speakers for RAG London 2020

New Annual Sponsorship Round

The last annual sponsorship round, held at the end of 2018, was so popular that RAG closed deals with 13 annual sponsors, leaving no stage time for other sponsors across four international conferences. If you work for a vendor or consultancy and you wish to engage with RAG’s global community then talk to us now about becoming a sponsor of the next cycle of conferences, beginning with RAG London in May.


Demand outstrips supply because RAG strictly limits the number of sponsors who may speak and attend, enhancing the benefit to those sponsors that do participate. Do not delay; contact us today if you are hoping to play an active role in a cycle of conferences that will travel to Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia.


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Future Events

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Past Presentations

Some Speakers from Previous RAG Events

RAG Speakers on Video

John Preston of Tesco Mobile shares his thoughts on mixing personalities within an RA team.
Atul Jain of TEOCO shares some witty insights about how to think differently.
You can find many more words of wisdom which were recorded at previous RAG conferences by visiting our video archive.

The archive includes:

- Simon Walsh of Telefónica UK
- Gina Pesheva of Deutsche Telekom
- Bernice DeMarco of BT
- Tony Poulos of DisruptiveAsia
- and more!