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RAG TV Episode 8: Applying the Revenue Assurance Formula to Different Kinds of Comms Providers and to Different Sectors

Moly McMillan created and led revenue assurance functions for cable company ntl, mobile operator group Millicom and OTT provider Skype, before providing consulting and investment advice to a fascinating array of organizations in other verticals. Listen to Moly’s stories and career advice by watching Episode 8 of the current season of RAG TV. The video can be found below, and on the RAG TV webpage where you can also see the schedule of future shows and recordings of all past episodes.



RAG TV streams interviews with risk and assurance experts every Wednesday. The shows are live so viewers can ask questions too, though recordings are also made available for playback soon after each show ends. Subscribe to the RAG TV calendar to ensure every show is in your diary.

Compare Your Leakage Coverage to Other Telcos

The RAG Leakage Catalogue is the most comprehensive inventory of revenue and cost leakages suffered by comms providers. Now you can obtain a personalised report showing how the scope of leakage monitoring in your business compares to the best, worst and average comms providers. You just need to complete the following four-minute survey. Alternatively, learn more about the industry’s most comprehensive catalogue of revenue and cost leakages by looking here.

RAG Joins the SMS Fraud Compliance Committee of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum

The Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) has released version 2.0 of their industry-leading SMS Fraud Code of Conduct and we are proud to confirm RAG is represented on the Compliance Committee for the refreshed Code.


MEF are the established leaders when it comes to persuading telcos and other businesses to follow common standards that prevent and reduce business SMS fraud. Their Code of Conduct sets out expectations for how all businesses involved in the creation and distribution of bulk SMS messaging should respond to abusive practices. Many of the leading messaging firms are signatories.


RAG encourages all reputable firms to join this collaborative effort. Learn more and enquire about becoming a signatory by clicking here.

Fight Wangiri Fraud by Joining the 80 Telcos Already Connected to the RAG Wangiri Blockchain

RAG, in partnership with Orillion, is giving telcos the opportunity to gain free access to a global distributed ledger of numbers used in wangiri attacks. 80 telcos have connected to the blockchain already, including Vodafone Group, BICS, iBasis, Reliance Jio and Tele2 Group. Well over one billion phone users are served by telcos that have joined our anti-wangiri consortium.


Blockchain technology makes the ledger uniquely quick and easy to access, and there is no need to implement new software or hardware to access the ledger. All we ask in exchange for free access is that telcos use the blockchain to share intelligence about the wangiri attacks aimed at their customers. See the portal and request to join the consortium here.

RAG Hall of Fame: 10 Professionals Honoured

Ten individuals have been inducted into the RAG Hall of Fame in appreciation of their lifetime contribution to our professional community.


The inductees are (pictured clockwise from top left): Luis Cardoso (posthumous); Peter Coulter; Hayley Daniels; Katia Gonzalez Gutierrez; Santhosh Gopalan (posthumous); Ambrose Nwadike (posthumous); Kathy Romano; David Smith; Glen Winn; and Colin Yates.


You can learn more about the inductees and watch their tributes and acceptance speeches here.


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Next on RAG TV: Fraud and Number Validation

Vodacom Mozambique CTO Pedro Rabacal and Jeffrey Ross of 1Route will discuss the relationship between fraud and invalid CLIs for the next episode of RAG TV. This is a truly international problem, with Pedro currently exploring the potential to counter simbox fraud in Mozambique by adopting the STIR/SHAKEN protocols primarily adopted in the USA as a consumer protection protocol.


Can telcos reduce their fraud losses by validating A-party numbers? How might this be implemented across borders? These are the questions that will be addressed by Pedro and Jeffrey.


You can ask questions of Pedro and Jeffrey during the live stream on Wednesday, March 3, at the slightly later time of 9am Eastern, 2pm UK, 4pm Mozambique and 7.30pm India. Save the show in the right time zone for your diary by clicking here.

Biggest RAFM Survey Finds Leakages and Frauds Worth USD142bn Per Year

The RAG RAFM Survey received submissions from 175 professionals who work for revenue assurance and fraud management functions in communications providers. Extrapolating from their answers leads to the conclusion that comms providers lost USD44bn to fraud and USD50bn to non-fraud leakages this year, whilst criminals tricked customers of comms services into losing a further USD48bn. Watch this video for a six-minute summary of the findings or see the full survey report and all the raw data at the survey webpage.


Survey: Top 10 Leakages by Value

Leakage Category Value (USD Bn)
Bad debt 14.16
Subscription and identity fraud 8.15
Billing and collection errors 7.26
Bypass fraud including simbox 6.86
Rating and tariff errors 6.36
Usage errors 6.17
IRSF 5.63
Subscription fee errors 5.29
Commissions fraud 5.23
Handset crime 3.95

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Take a second look at the 16 hours of panels, presentations and audience questions that comprised RAG Americas Online, a virtual conference we held on Tuesday September 15 and Wednesday September 16. You will find the recordings on the conference webpage.

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Gina Pesheva of Deutsche Telekom talks about why she is driving telcos to adopt a risk-based philosophy for business assurance.
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- Elgiva Sibisi of MTN South Africa
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