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RAG has organised events for comms professionals working in business assurance for longer than anyone else. Now we aim to become the biggest global provider of free information and advice through our international conferences and online services.

Our Next International Conference

Nairobi Conference: 11-12 Sep 2018

RAG’s September 2018 conference will be hosted by Kenyan operator Safaricom at their headquarters in Nairobi. Following the enormous success of RAG Johannesburg in September 2017, we expect RAG Nairobi will attract attendees from telcos across the whole of the African continent … [continue]

Free Number Plan Management Demo

To celebrate the launch of the new RAG-Biaas web portal, Biaas will give a free proof of concept to any RAG member wanting to understand how the Biaas number plan management databases are used to improve billing accuracy and reduce IRSF fraud. Visit the new portal to learn more.

Risk Catalogue

With advice from telcos around the world, Geoff Ibbett is developing a common risk map and catalogue for revenue and cost leakages. The map documents risks whilst the catalogue lists techniques to mitigate them. Read about the proposal and see the draft catalogue here.

Free RA Software

A1 Telekom Austria has released their free open source software for measuring the risk of revenue and cost leakages. The download comes with the new RAG RA Risk Catalogue embedded. Learn more from here.

New paper on the operational impact of GDPR

What are the operational implications for the EU’s new data protection regulation? Rachel Goodin kindly turned the notes of her GDPR session at RAG London into an overview explaining the areas impacted. You can read it here.

Spammers Abuse Do Not Call Registry

A paper by Merve Şahin and Aurélien Francillon of EURECOM details findings from a honeypot used to test the effectiveness of do not call (DNC) registries in 8 European countries. Disturbingly, the UK register was used by spammers to identify numbers they dialled. Find the paper here.

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Some Speakers from Previous RAG Events

RAG Speakers on Video

John Preston of Tesco Mobile shares his thoughts on mixing personalities within an RA team.
Atul Jain of TEOCO shares some witty insights about how to think differently.
You can find many more words of wisdom which were recorded at previous RAG conferences by visiting our video archive.

The archive includes:

- Simon Walsh of Telefónica UK
- Gina Pesheva of Deutsche Telekom
- Bernice DeMarco of BT
- Tony Poulos of DisruptiveAsia
- and more!