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Replay RAG Americas Online

You can watch the unedited recordings of all 16 hours of presentations, panels and compère conversations during RAG Americas Online, a virtual conference we held on Tuesday September 15 and Wednesday September 16. Visit the playback section of the conference webpage or click on the videos below.


Tuesday September 15th, Segment 1


Tuesday September 15th, Segment 2


Tuesday September 15th, Segment 3


Tuesday September 15th, Segment 4


Wednesday September 16th, Segment 1


Wednesday September 16th, Segment 2


Wednesday September 16th, Segment 3


Wednesday September 16th, Segment 4

Past Conference Presentation Slides


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New Version of the RAG Leakage Catalogue

Version 4 of the telecoms industry’s most comprehensive inventory of revenue and cost leakages is available here.

Season 2 of RAG TV

S2E10: Kathy Romano of Discovery and Bryan Rowe of Six Degrees

S2E9: David Smith, pioneer of RA


S2E8: Dario Betti of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum and Tony Sani of Orillion


S2E7: Ingrid Azzopardi of GO and George Bolt of Neural Technologies


S2E6: Nikhil Sehgal of Colt and Steffen Öftring of SIGOS


S2E5: Francis Afful of MTN Ghana and Guy Howie of Biaas


S2E4: Taher Talib of Shaw Communications and Nithin Gangadharan of Subex


S2E3: Dion Price of Trustonic and Kingsley Unah, ex-Airtel Nigeria


S2E2: Daniele Cellai of Hewlett Packard Enterprise


S2E1: Timo Vainionpää of AurorA International Telecom and Don Reinhart of LATRO Services

Major Telcos Join the RAG Wangiri Blockchain

RAG, in partnership with Orillion, is giving free access to a global distributed ledger of numbers used in wangiri attacks to any business willing to freely share their intelligence. Over 60 telcos have connected to the blockchain including Vodafone Group, iBasis and Reliance Jio, with the result that more than one billion phone users are now served by telcos that use the wangiri blockchain to protect customers.


Blockchain technology makes the ledger uniquely quick and easy to access, and there is no need to implement new software or hardware to access the ledger. See the portal and request to join the consortium here.

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Some Speakers from Previous RAG Events

RAG Conference Speakers on Video

Lorene Hunt and Madan Jangra of Optus talk about enhancing the assurance of their telco's network assets.
Bharat Pandit, Senior VP of Strategy and Business Intelligence at Tata Sky, shares his vision for the future of revenue assurance.
You can find many more words of wisdom which were recorded at previous RAG conferences by visiting our conference video archive.

The archive includes:

- Sergey Okhrimenko of LANCK Telecom
- Simon Walsh of Telefónica UK
- Gina Pesheva of Deutsche Telekom
- Bernice DeMarco of BT
- Glen Winn of Virgin Media
- and more!